Fact Checking Jambass


Na anus lickers @sani @Titty Twister @Karoga @Berlin Oxford @Kennedy Maina @Kalenjin101 walikuwa wanamesa maurongo tu za hii jambass. Ni vibaya nikiwaambia to prepare their anuses with lube and mouths for the Cummings of jambass

And we’re supposed to buy the ‘facts’ on the right column because ‘si ni mi nakushow!’?

Umekua sycophant mbaya sana mpaka sasa kila kitu touching against your person lazma tu udefend??

Fact-checking jambass is a futile effort on its own because you can be sure the guy will drop an insanely outrageous lie every freaking minute.

Jambass ni Jambass tu. Let’s not even go to the other anus - Njagathi

Breaking news. A politician has been caught lying. Story of his life.

Water is wet and fire burns.

@Riggy G ni @Ghaseer

but kitu inanishangaza ni RUTO has lied about 99% of his promises .

You thought atakusaidia kulea zile mitoto yako dna certified future retarded homosexuals?

Anus licker terrified of the truth, utterly terrified