FACT CHECK : Were black babies ever used as alligator bait?

[SIZE=6] Snopes[/SIZE] :

This is a Democrat fact checking website run from Obama’s bedroom . So @LuandaMagere this is not fox news or Breitbart. This is one of your own kind. A fellow activist :


[SIZE=5][COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)]If we take them seriously, we have no choice but to conclude that using human infants as alligator bait was incredibly widespread at some point in time; yet, we have not encountered a single report that included enough detail to verify that even one such incident actually took place. They’re just tales.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=5][COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)]
We are unable to prove the negative, of course. We cannot demonstrate that no infant anywhere, irrespective of color or creed, was ever used as reptile bait. But neither has anyone proved to date that infants were, in fact, used in such a manner.
[SIZE=5][COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)]We checked this conclusion with folkorist and African American studies professor Patricia Turner, who has probably done more research on the “alligator bait” motif than anyone else in the world, and asked her if she had ever come across information suggesting that the phenomenon might be real. “I have not seen any evidence to suggest that it was true,” she said, adding that it would have been all the more unlikely during the era of slavery, when a black child would have been a much more valuable commodity than an alligator.[/SIZE]

i knew about hizo sweets called “nigger babies” kitambo sana and they were connected to “baiting aligators”…thats a fact ! alafu stop confusing people … you even said slavery and colonialism didnt happen , so everything you say loses credibility… nikama uko na ubaya na negroes


Slaves were expensive to own and maintain, they were a priced possession to the farmers, and not everyone would afford one.
Now, using one as a bait for the alligator is something that doesn’t add up.

White man can do anything to another race. They infected blacks with syphilis in Tennessee. Some house nigger Cunt will call it a hoax too

Exactly. Similarly you can’t whip a prized worker to death it’s counter productive.

You pay thousands of dollars for a slave then whip him to death… that doesn’t make any financial sense.

It’s like buying an expensive tractor and then because it has developed a puncture you attack it with a sledge hammer.

@patco it happened during and after slavery… 19th century yote …atleast get the ‘dates’ right ?

alafu there are postal stamps from the era depicting this narrative , i wonder what magic you will use to convince anyone that it was all fake… because you are loosing major points


Well, that story of black kids being to alligators seems a bit stretched. However, I’m open to new information

we also said jesus was black and niggers still think “that story is stretched”… well , common sense says white people dont live in the middle east…

just do your research na akili zako… saying slavery existed is also a stretch according to @patco

That MF never existed!

Assuming it happened, some kids never made it, some made it with varying injuries and lose of limbs would have been common, and some made it without a scratch.
Any testimonies of those kids, who sustained those injuries but survived , them as adults ?

They used to chop their hands in the Congo.

What is segregation? It is a byproduct of the civil war. White Southerners wanted nothing to do with blacks. They said blacks were the reason they had lost everything. This was expected. Abe Lincoln knew that this would be the repurcussion of his war. And he was in fact killed by that war. He was killed by John Wilkes Booth a bitter confederate sympathiser.

But despite being hated by white Southerners, the blacks didn’t leave the South. They had their own ghettoes on the edge of town. How do you scare them away?

You tell them you will feed their babies to gators. You burn crosses. Hang them. Lynch them. Hatred festered. Lincoln and Fredrick Douglass lit this fire of hatred. During antebellum there was no active segregation.

Meanwhile the North wins but wants nothing to do with blacks. Lincoln is dead. Douglass refused to take black folks elsewhere.

You go to Washington DC the headquarters of the North and blacks followed Lincoln there and started building ghettos there near the President! They were betrayed. They received little to no help from the North.

This is Barry Farm one of the oldest black ghettos in DC. Started by freed slaves in the 1860s. Barry Farm is a mere 5 miles from the White House. You leave the white house and 3 minutes later you enter the hood. It’s being gentrified.

One reason DC is so corrupt is because it’s so ghetto. The local leadership grew up in the most hardcore neighbourhoods :



It started after the civil war. And it is very telling. The plantation farmer has been reduced to hunting gators to survive. Most of those stamps are from the early 1900s.

White Southerners in Florida were warning Southern blacks to gerrout and go live in the North. Hii ni maneno huwezi elewa.

This is not about RACISM but ANGER and RETRIBUTION. Meanwhile old blacks felt partly responsible for the destruction of the south. When interviewed they would say Massa is not bad.

This is a very peculiar situation.

In Congo, what about Murica, if these heinous crime against humanity happened.

You explanation of facts is overly simplistic. And not realistic. I have covered this in the past on Ktalk. Poverty begins by institutional racism. So certain organizations (or government) deny you service and you have no upward mobility and either stagnate or become poor. However when a large population becomes poor, it’s now endemic poverty. For example what you are referring to with those Lincoln days. Now when successive generations remain in abject poverty, it’s now generational poverty. What you are showing at Barry Farms is generational poverty. How this is connected to babies fed to alligators doesn’t add up.

Thats because you have not read nor understood what I have written which was the North did nothing for blacks despite abolishing so called slavery.

A sizeable block of freed blacks from the South followed Lincoln back to DC and settled next to his white house. But he gave them more or less nothing. Well some famous ones became butlers and groundsmen on the whitehouse grounds.

About the gators my point was these posters were supposed to scare the blacks off to leave Florida which was part of the South. So some of them left and followed the President to DC.

There is nothing like racism. Its anger that builds up into hatred.

Southern whites didnt just lynch blacks they lynched whites from the North as well or any mzungu who associated with the North especially WHITE ACTIVISTS.

There is NOTHING called racism. You know what activists like MLK used to do?

They would go to the South kuchokozana ndio wakichapwa walie human rights.

It’s like going to Kisumu and in the middle if the street you announce, “Ruto for president, Raila is a kih.ii!!”

Of course utachapwa. Ama hata uchomewe hapo. But if you survive you start declaring, “Raila Odinga is against Luhyas. I was simply minding my own business when his tribalistic goons attacked me!”


Fact check

If theres nothing like racism, those colonialists who buried local kids in Dagoretti, were killing violent offenders? Or was your grandma lying to you and this never happened.