FACT CHECK: Did 30M Kenyans apply for Diversity Visa known as Greencard?

I am writing in response to a low IQ comment made by one Phelix Odiwuor, a sitting MP in Kenya.

Let’s start

First of all I checked the no of people who applied for the Greencard last year 2021 globally from the official statistics website: https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/immigrate/diversity-visa-program-entry/diversity-visa-program-statistics.html

In 2021, The total number of people who applied was 11.8M. Dunia mzima watu waliapply was 11.8M. Out of the 11.8M, the total number of Africans or people residing in Africa who applied for the same was 4.9M. Out of the 4.9M people from Africa who applied, Kenyans were 173k. Yaani all Kenyans who applied for the greencard last year, they were 173k peeps only. The top countries in Africa who applied in the fiscal year of 2021 was.

  1. Egypt - 872k
  2. DRC - 748k
  3. Ethiopia - 547k

The largest country in Africa in terms of population, Nigeria, they were banned in 2015 because they exhausted the 50k limit set per country. Other countries banned from the same include India, Bangladesh and Pakistan.

Green card lottery applicants must be at least 16 years old. 19M Kenyans are aged 14 and below. People who are connected to the internet in Kenya are 23.35M. So even if everyone above 16 years old applied, that would be still impossible. Chances of 173k in 2021 turning to atleast 500k is almost impossible, forget about 30 million even.

Lastly, US government has not published the 2022 data because it hasn’t yet started gathering and tabulating it. So where did he pull his data from. Also US is not some village kiosk that would willingly share it’s data with some unknown 3rd world negro.

Verdict: Jalango ni :meffi::meffi::meffi:

Cc: True Man Kapondi @TrumanCapote

I saw people here discussing this matter as if it were true and I just laughed my lungs out. Kweli hadi Ktalk is full of bonobos who think they know shit but they don’t. Something as verifiable as this shouldn’t even be up for discussion.

Half of Kenya applied? Even kids in boarding school, and primary school.

Kenyans majority critical thinking huwa ngumu

Wewe na jalango mko same WhatsApp group. For you to have time to fact check inamaanisha hata wewe huna akili kama jalango. Hio time sii hata ungekatia dem.

Hio info ya entrants per region for each year plus selectees huwa readily online from time before…

Je kama ungeskia .ke radio talk shows wakiongea wakiwa wame decide its true…sasa wanatafuta solutions.

Incel sio kila mtu hana dem kama wewe

Niko huku kwa kina Tinubu boss so vitu zingine zinanipita:D:D lakini nliwacha kuskiza Kenyan radio kitambo…wana umama flani siku hizi. It’s just not the same radio I used to listen to back in the good old days.

Jalas should stick to wash wash

Like @Ndindu says, the national average IQ of Kenyans is 70.

Same case as some pricks peddling a foreign mugging video as though it happened in Kenya.

Siwezi acha hii natural lifestyle ya ranch with purely grown non GMO food stuffs niende kushare mazingira na contaminants.

Enamel or 100mls glass cup ni wewe. 1 cup =0.5 litres.

You are good in exposing foolishness

Hiyo chai ni fresh sana. Lakini pumpkins sipendi vile.

I’ve become so numb to these wild rumor statistics in Kenya ever since we were told in JKUAT that 60% of the students had HIV and engineering students swallowed that nonsense. Nilijaribu kuargue na watu kuhusu hiyo story mpaka nikachoka