Fact #1 Kenya Is A Failed State: A Series

Mugo wa Wairimu is STILL “practicing” medicine.

Words fail. I can’t even.

Why did you ignore my meal in your last thread?
Sawa, nimekununulia hii.


@aviator why are you feeding everyone but me.

TOA ujinga hapa peleka Kibera…swine wewe.


Go tell libyans, syrians, ukrainians and any other country fighting for democracy that Kenya is a failed state.

Since you got here you have bn posting bullshit how idle are you???


The countries you’ve enlisted are fallen states.
We may not have war but we are a failed state in many ways.
War tu ndio hatuja ingilia.
By the way how can you give comparison to fallen states? Look up to countries like Singapore, and the like that were almost at same level with us some years ago.
I’ll give you an example, a foreigner comes to kenya and has you washing his car, maid, and all manner of manual jobs for peanuts, you walk to work in the wee hours of the early morning and there’s a guy driving back home from a club having spent like 100k that night.
The economy grows but only the rich are feeling it.
There are places in Kenya where people still die of hunger, no tap water , no electricity , no medical care.
An MP earns so much yet the teacher, the police and doctor earn peanuts as compared. So many examples can be given hope you get the point.