Facebook's Buyer Beware :Walikanyang'a wire ya talker mgnani ?

Someone reported the group and Zukabaga did his thing .Ali delete the group that the ever feisty Kavirondo woman used to expose thugs ,harass and extort Kenyans . Naona sasa wameform ingine but it is a far cry from the previous(maringo mingi mpaka they had made it secret) one that had 200,000 members .She must have met her match this time .


She is the classical example of a standard kavirondo woman, very loud mouthed, aggressive, and persistent yet brainless. I hardly wait for 2 Hours before the deep voiced talkbirds chirp up and spew shit…

huyo jaluo alikua anajiona sana

Hiyo mpya pia wapeleke siberia banae

Mliona fiatu na miguu zineanikwa ? Imagine wanaume hujaribu aisee !

nilishangaa I think last week or the other week nikiingia fb naona siko buyer beware nikafikiri hio mod ya feelings imenituma mehico kumbe ilifungwa.

Sahii admin/mods wa hiyo group wametulia sanaaa. Walikuwa wanaku-ban ata ukireact kwa comment haiwafurahishi. Washienzi sana.

Saa hii ukiwa na a huge group you must have back up in form of a personal website, telegram etc.
They slept on a good business idea. They’d have turned it into a big consumer feedback rating, watchdog website. Lakini social media balloons your ego.
Naona pia Reddit have banned MGTOW group.
Feminists have constantly been accusing it for misogyny.

These dumb morons use the page to dox people, which is highly illegal. They also share personal information, which is against the kenya digital act. They’ve broken so many laws that if kenya was a nation of laws they’d have had the shirts on their bodies sued off them

This calls for a celebration… that cow of a woman was running that group like a cattle dip… alinipiga ban for speaking my mind… glad she got the short end of the stick…

Good riddance! That Atty bitch alikuwa ameanza kuwa too much behaving like a Demigod fulani. Let her slide to facebook irrelevance like Timo Sem wa Group Kenya

Na kwani hakuna mtu ashawahi sue FB for deleting their page, ama wao hufanya hivyo to third world ghaseers? Unaeza imagine page umefikisha over a million likes/followers inachujwa na hakuna appeal?

During election period, they closed down hundreds of thousands of FB groups with any hint of links to Trum. Some people were just caught in the crossfire. Bora tu group imetaja mzee ilikuwa inafutwa mara hiyo

It’s actually defamation.

That group was also used to extort corporate companies, especially the financial sector. Protection from online slander to avoid scenarios like the one seen leading to a bank run on chase bank. There was an article somewhere here they were paid 1M by coop bank wakakosana in sharing the loot, thats how broke and stupid those buyer beware mods are.

Alai ndio msito wa hii kazi. Nowadays hutaona akiandika anything about banks juu anaonwa za macho

huyo ni ule mama alikujiwa na D- kwa nyumba akaanza ku record akipiga kelele na mdomo kubwa kama ya Millie Odhiambo

The male admin Jackson Njeru ndio hiyo Kitambi yake imemjaza oestrogen ajabu. He is over forty years old but behaves like a teenage girl using snapchat

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: nakumbuka hio video alafu kumbafu ikaanza kusema inanyesha vile majamaa waliingia