Facebook tracking

Have you ever searched for something on Google and next you see a similar suggestion on Facebook ads…

Or have you ever had this situation where you’re talking to someone about something let’s say watches then when you pop into Facebook you immediately get an advert from jumia about watches…

This two scenarios always happens to me and i don’t understand why???.. it’s like Facebook tracks my activities minus my knowledge… It’s bizarre and annoying

if you dont own a business on Facebook or use it for work then sioni why you should have the Facebook app on your phone. Atleast Google is transparent on the kind of data they collect from you

Hapo kwa permissions ndio mtu hujua intentions za apps.

Something to do with cookies and metadata…look it up

lakini hii ya FAcebook showing you ads based on what you talk about watu wengi have been reporting it yet they deny everytime. It’s like they turn o your phone microphone. How about you deny the facbook app microphone permissions and only use it when needed eg when recording a video or making a call

I have never given the app any permission to use the microphone…

Facebook are sneaky bastards who even collect your contacts without your permission


The creepiest one is going to my local supermarket (Cold Storage) and coming back home to use my lap top and I see an ad for the store.

Creepy as fcuk, mayne.


nah they cannot bypass those permission settings,

You cannot delete yourself from the internet even if you try.

Either you are “In”, or you don’t belong.

Algo is rhythm.

urban dweller problems

When u are about to install any app u must allow it to assess all your personal information on you phone…

Does this explain why I am getting ads on explosives, bombs, and condoms?

just about to do a thread on the same

Ulikua useme nini?

Cambridge Analytica is the code word, no matter what you say (online) be sure that you will be heard (and tracked)

:D:D:D:D, technology knows no boundaries

Si tuliambiwa sisi country side dwellers tuko bekward…even the kiswahili word for uncultured is ushamba?

What is your opinion about this issue of Facebook spying…have you encountered any incidence like mime?