Facebook Hacked, 50 Million Accounts Of People Exposed


Facebook Hacked, 50 Million Accounts Of People Exposed

Facebook today announced it has uncovered a new breach of user data which has impacted 50 million accounts on the social networking site.

The social media behemoth has said it has taken steps to fix the issue which was linked to Facebook’s “view as” feature.

The company is working with police after the latest security breach.

It has said hackers exploited the “view as” feature on the service to access accounts.

Some users had been logged out of their accounts and asked to sign back in due to the issue.


Ndio maana sikanyagangi huko.

nini muhimu hukuwa facebook anyway?

Facebook is on a downward spiral, first was the Cambridge analytica debacle, the trump election campaign fiasco, the myanmar rohinga accusations and now this. It will take time for facebook to die but it’s definitely past it’s peek.

Umeffi na ushens

assembly point ya madoongo

what was the issue with rohinga?

They allowed hate speech which sparked off genocide against the rohinga muslims

Huyo Buddha alikuwa meffi and salty…alafu hio lugha yao naskia huwes jua racism ikitajwa ama inciting

Multiple reports were made but they ignored them, it’s fair to say the genocide wouldn’t have happened were it not for facebook.

Relationship status, selfies, what you have and who you fuck /is fucking you.

Peek peak but am drunk anyway