Facebook Group / Page Multi poster

The Most Feature-rich FB Publishing/Marketing Tool.

Facebook Multi Page/Group Poster (FBMPGP) is the easiest yet a very powerful way of publishing to unlimited Facebook Pages and Groups. Quickly post your content to all or a selection of your Groups and Pages.
FBMPGP gives you the best way to market your business products, promote your Facebook Fan Pages, Business Pages and Personal Pages and to obtain a boost in your Facebook campaigns, traffic and likes.

An excellent tool for personal and commercial usage alike.

Facebook Multi Page/Group Poster allows you to post five different types of content to multiple Facebook pages, Facebook Fan-pages and Facebook groups in one go.

Managing, publishing and scheduling to your profile, all your pages and all your groups is a piece of cake with this application.

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[SIZE=4]Unique Features[/SIZE]
[li]Five different post types supported. Status, Links, Photos, Album Photos and Videos.[/li]

[li]Supports unlimited user accounts. No Facebook Application review submission needed. No manual role assignments needed for new users.[/li]

[li]Post online photos/images to pages. Supports adding photos to page’s albums as well.[/li]

[li]Integrated Image proxy. To post online photos which are otherwise unavailable for direct upload to Facebook.[/li]

[li]Provides ability to directly upload online videos to Facebook. Supports posting YouTube & Dailymotion videos to pages and groups, not just as an embedded external player, but uploaded directly to Facebook, playable as Facebook’s videos[/li]

[li]Post Variables. Auto-populate post content with variables. See Supported Variables List here[/li]

[li]Post Presets. Supports saving Posts for future use, as well as creating categories of Groups/Pages selections[/li]

[li]Configurable Pause. Supports automatically pausing user’s posting process for specified time, after a configurable number of posts.[/li]

[li]Promote your pages and get more traffic by publishing any post to page, getting its generated link and publishing that link to multiple groups at once. Your fan-pages are sure to receive much more traffic and LIKES.[/li]

[li]Configurable delay between consecutive posts. A safeguard from Facebook blockage.[/li]

[li]Administrator can set minimum delay and default delay shown to users.[/li]

[li]Shows result of each post submission whether error or success.[/li]

[li]Does not need MySQL Server. Uses fast SQLite Databases for storage.[/li]

[li]Powerful Admin Panel for setting script options and managing users.[/li]

[li]Multiple Languages supported. English, Arabic, French, German, Hindi, Indonesian, Portuguese, Spanish, Thai, Turkish & Urdu. Easy process to add new languages. Posting can be done in any language[/li]

[li]Supports Themes and includes several built-in themes[/li]

[li]Logo, content & color customization options for themes in the admin panel[/li][/ul]
[SIZE=4]Other Features[/SIZE]
[li]Schedule pages’ posts ahead of time, as far as six months from current date.[/li]
[li]Schedule postings to Groups, Pages & Profile.[/li]
[li]Supports embedded images in posts.[/li]
[li]Supports uploading images directly from computer/mobile for posting.[/li]
[li]Supports view/edit Access Tokens. Use Graph API Explorer token, or any other token.[/li]
[li]Keeps the server clutter-free by utilizing IMGUR API for image uploading.[/li]
[li]Complete customization for posting links in pages and groups. Change Title, caption, message and other aspects of the link.[/li]
[li]Post to multiple Facebook groups.[/li]
[li]Delete unnecessary pages and groups from listing.[/li]
[li]Import Groups via File[/li][li]Option to auto remove restricted groups during groups import.[/li][li]SPINTAX and nested SPINTAX support for content randomization[/li]
[li]Completely white labeled post generation. Use your own Facebook app to post to Facebook.[/li]
[li]Extremely easy to use navigation and post creation process.[/li]
[li]Modern, mobile friendly and responsive theme.[/li]
[li]Safe, secure, fast and multi-user capable script.[/li]
[li]Integrated script updater for hassle free script updating,[/li]
[li]Clean, clear, well commented and well indented code.[/li]
[li]Easier to modify with separate language files and modular code.[/li]
[li]Compatible with latest Facebook API v.2.5[/li][/ul]
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