Facebook Dating

One of my favorite things about building Facebook is I can walk through almost any city in the world and people will stop and tell me stories about how they met their husband or wife through Facebook. It’s a great feeling. And until recently, Facebook didn’t even have any features to help with dating.

Starting today, we’re launching Facebook Dating in the US. I’m excited to see how it’ll help people come together and find love around interests, groups and events in common. We’ve worked with privacy and security experts from the beginning to make it safe and give you control over your experience. Facebook Dating is now live in 20 countries and I’m looking forward to launching more soon.
Source: Zuckerbugger mwenyewe pale MKZ.
I don’t know what this means priss…

He knows he has to pull up his socks vile kuna maneno zingine that have come up. I see my nephews using some other Apps or whatever they are called…FB is bahaind nyuz…

You are always a witness in matters immoral or whatever it is called, but never a participant…not even an attempted participant

Facebook Inc is launching its dating services in the United States, the social network said on Thursday, sending its shares up 2%…Shares of Tinder owner Match Group were down nearly 6% on the news, while Match’s parent group IAC was down more than 3%.

Sure. I have also observed that Ms. Shosho has things happening around her, people doing them but hey, she doesn’t participate at all!

Honestly that’s all i use facebook for. To meet chics, hot ass babes I wouldn’t otherwise run into. When i go home for holls I line 'em up real good …this weekend nadinya Shiko, next weekend I bone Akinyi …by the time they start expecting a relationship am on a plane back here. I love facebook flirting & dating.

Ya. If you have no networks around you, that is not my problem. Is it now?
Anyway carry on with the gossip. Huwa sipei pretend NVs and SVs any serious time.

This is a very nice feature, watu wajuane, wakulane ,

It’s awesome bro. Let the hommies wanyanduane beyond repair.

Another app for thirsty beta males to get entitled post-wall pussay. Nuh.

Nooo. She cooks githeri. Listens to epic music mixes,keeps Kanono and her nephews & nieces in check… And then there is her job.
You can not accuse her of being a by stander…

Someone said fools online comment on girls’ pictures wow wow wow in succession youd think they are ambulance

Umeffi comment . tutaendelea deep sea fishing FB

Hahaha Apo kabisa bro. Deep sea fishing for life :D:D

but watu wame kua waki nyanduana on facebook bila hiyo dating una slide tu inbox na una pewa kanyau

Na walambane

what is he talking about, i already hit on women on fb and have banged . we need no special dating app… just a forum to meet and introduce themselves.

umeula wote uliojuana nao, strat with those ones. wengine ni hekaya.

Every 1 hour, 60 minutes pass in Africa

I dont brag about y body count