Facebook and Workplace

Its advisable to dissassociate your social life with your employer. You never know when you will disagree[ATTACH=full]57069[/ATTACH]

That Ninja is fuacked… Niliwaambia as CEO, HR audit ni muhimu… These would be the first Fuackers to go… Fisi hucheza chini ya Maji pwanaa…:D:D:D


My friend Ken wa Mwangi needs a good lawyer.


Sema kumulikwa.

Shida za kujitafutia. There was no humor in his post.


Mtu aweke screenshot ya the offending post

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you are known by the company you keep…“show me your friends and i’ll show you your future”…

In Proverbs 13:20, Solomon, the wise-guy, wrote: “He that walketh with wise men shall be wise: but a companion of fools shall be destroyed.”

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Yaeza kuwa ata alicopy that line. Humour hits each on of us differently.

hii tuliona 2002 . meffi

Some some jokes can be humourous at the expense of the teller. Hi ya Ken Wa Mwangi ni kama ile Kiraitu alibaki akicheka alone.

sio watu wote wakubwa ni watu wazima…


he even doesn’t need a lawyer with half a brain to win the case…a lawyer who reads the case brief 2mins to the hearing can win it…for starters the burden of proof rests with the prosecution to proof that he did actually commit the said offences…doctors report…statement from the victim…witnesses…circumstantial evidence like who saw him do what or in the company of who…plus a class 6 can be 35 or even 95 remember the oldest pupil…anipigie simu nimtetee…I would piss on the prosecution


you, sir, miss the point. this is not a case about what he did or did not do. it is about his integrity and values…and, i daresay, maturity.


Very good sir. Please explain to me very slowly what watoto means in terms of age.
The offence is manufacturing and distributing an article likely to glorify or promote a sexual offence against children.

He may have a good defense though.


True. The lawyer must wait to see the charges preferred against his client before embarking on a defence, the prosecutor is also a qualified lawyer to know better.

On what charges would you be defending him?

All in all i think the social stigma he will suffer from the post will be more than any legal punishment.

He has a wife and kids and sibling etc. He has been paraded and villified on all major news networks plus social media is awash with people baying for his blood.

When people ostracise you and friends become in short supply you will regret your actions. When your wife and daughter come home crying because they are related to you then you will know that indeed there is freedom of speech what cannot be guaranteed is freedom after speech.


word! especially freedom from your own conscience…


the guy is single na wakenya husahau after one day