Facebook Account Hacking

I have this client from Dubai. His Facebook açcount was hacked and he would like to have access back. Claims the content collection in that account is too valuable to lose. He’s offering a base stipend of $1000 to whoever will get him his account back.
Holla if this is in your alley.

Fb do have a phone number and email recovery method.
Is his email or phone number compromised too?

Had did they bypss the 3 step authentication ?

Uta gawa hio stipend niki kupea guide?

password change shows in his email. let him recover using the email sent

Nipe details inbox nijaribu…


iyo unless atumie SS7 Flaw, shida ni labda hacker ashachange email, na pia stuff ishakua compromised by now

Look, you could do it, hold on to the credentials, he pays, we split the loot on an agreed percentage.
But it has to work. Has to.

he probably lost control of the email account also. it possibly had the same password with th fb account.

He did not loose control of his phone

Any available hardware locally for this?

that’s where the real problem is, but amazon got your back