Face of a suspected husband killer

While she is only a suspect, her face exudes heartlessness. Apparently, she was dating a CID officer. But it is not surprising: 99% of women are in marriages purely for selfish reasons and because they view their husbands as mere ladders to secure the future of their kids. Almost all women declare that were it not for the kids, they would simply walk away from their marriages. Woe unto those who use ‘love’ and ‘wife’ in the same sentence. 2000 years ago, some disciples, after hearing their teacher expound on marriage’s nuances, proclaimed: ‘if that is the case between man and his wife, it is better not to marry’. Unfortunately, they were right. 100% right. 101% right.
It is horrible imagining the one you sweat for will be your killer.
[SIZE=6]Wife in custody after murder of school principal[/SIZE]

When Kiru Boys Secondary principal Solomon Mwangi and his wife Jane Mbuthia left the school’s living quarters on November 5, one would have assumed they were only looking forward to seeing their three children at their Kiambu home.

But now, slightly over a week later, Mr Mwangi is dead and his wife is in police custody facing a murder charge.

On Monday, the body of the principal, who went missing last week, was identified at City Mortuary, while Ms Mbuthia, the principal of Ichachiri Girls Secondary School in Kiambu County, was arrested in connection to the death.

Mr Mwangi’s remains were found in a coffee farm at Karugato in Kiambu County.

Police on Monday asked a court in Murang’a to let them hold Ms Mbuthia for 14 days, saying she is the main suspect in the murder. The court allowed seven days and ordered the case to be mentioned on November 21.

Initial investigations show that the principal was strangled and his body dumped in the farm.

Mr Mwangi had failed to collect the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education examination papers for his school from the Murang’a County Commissioner’s office on November 7, prompting police to search for him.

According to Murang’a county commissioner John Elungata, his body was found by a watchman at the farm on Friday evening. The guard reported to Juja Police Station and his body was transferred to the City Mortuary. “Relatives and colleagues identified him at the weekend,” said Mr Elungata.

The search had escalated to a large-scale manhunt that involved MPs, teachers, education officials and the police.

“All angles should be examined or we will ask House committees to deal with the matter,” said Kigumo MP Jamleck Kamau.

It all started on November 4 when the wife came to visit Mr Mwangi at Kiru Secondary School, which is sandwiched between tea plantations in Kiriaini.

Normally, Ms Mbuthia would visit on Fridays and leave with the husband on Saturday for their home in Kiambu, where they live with their three children.

“He was looking forward to administering KCSE exam the following week,” his deputy Simon Mburu told teachers during a prayer session.


Education officials said the couple were seen in Murang’a having a meal on Saturday. On Sunday, the principal even called a cleric from Mathioya over prayers the priest was supposed to say for students in readiness for the KCSE that Monday.

According to Mr Elungata, his wife dropped him off at Witeithie centre on Sunday, November 6, at 3pm.

“That is the last time we heard from him and we suspect that is when things started going wrong,” said Mr Elungata, who added that they were also following clues at Witeithie.

Police are said to be holding a vehicle they said was used in the operation. Queries have been raised on why the crime was reported in Nairobi and not Murang’a, where the couple had come from, or Kiambu, where they were heading.

On Tuesday, school principals went to General Kago Mortuary to look for his body after searching for him in all police stations.

Principals and education officials described Mr Mwangi as a hard-worker who had transformed the school both academically and in sports.

“Mr Solomon Mwangi was a go-getter, with a track record of turning around schools he was posted to head,” said TSC Chief executive officer Nancy Macharia.

When a Nation reporter asked the wife about the progress of the search then, she replied; “I will not talk now. I have gone to prepare my family for the worst,” she said.

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hapo juu umesahau kusema KIKUYU WIFE FROM KIAMBU .


Karlmax you don’t have to propagate every situation to express your anger,due to your bitter experiences with women jameni…pia wewe maybe ulikuwa na kasoro while dating them!!!


hehe wanawake wa Kabete: Ruaka, Kabete, Ndenderu, Nyathuna and niliambiwa not Kikuyu


Shiny eyed men here, not all shiny eyed women are same but please there is a trend and be careful. If you have life insurance weka Jina ya watoto and let it be known before assumptions precedes unfortunate death


Cold blooded creatures, unakula na mtu lunch while you have already decided he is going to die?


Thank you :slight_smile: Very bitter.Such talk about women as if ni ‘mashetani’, yet daily kazi nikukimbizana na hao ‘mashetani’. :smiley: They almost fall over themselves while at it.


Soma comment ya @Abba , there is a trend with these shinny eyes women. Shetani ni shetani tu, call a spade a spade.


Badala ya kusema nyathuna si ungesema Wangige Mara moja.


Sasa itina @Reyrey?


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Ngai !. Why this addiction by our Women to these terrible weaves ?


We might have such cases huko Kwetu kwa dulled and dimmed but not this rampant as on shinny side .

But enyewe her face says it all. She looks criminal

Sasa huyo CID officer, alikuwa anakula nini hapa kweli

Sura kiatu


We are all killers…One just needs to enter the “correct codes” into our minds and boom…we become animals, so lets stop with the stereotyping.


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