fabregas ...

receives Guinness worldrecord for most assists in football history…

It’s not for most assists in footbal history, but for hitting 100 assists fastest in the EPL. Congratulations to him.

Over 80 assists while at Arsenal. hatutaki kuskia kierehere ya Chelsea…

;)we know how much good they did…

akende huko ghassia yeye

akwende huko ghassia yeye

Who, how, when?

Kaa hujui venye anaitwa huko bridge ni Fab.

fabregas’ 80 assists while at arsno…to what effect?

Best Passer, Best Vision in the league.

To the effect of him being feted by the Guinness world records… Kari gaani?..

was that the goal (no pun)?:D:D:D:D:D

That was the assist :smiley: