FA cup ... ManUtd inauwa watoto

@uwesmake tebu kuom kiasi

Playing at their level now, both squad and coach.
That’s where they belong.

Mathayo mkia vipi

maguireee finally shines

Chukua tu pls.

Mnyongeeee Hana Haki. Love United hate glazers. Fuckoff Glazers fuckoff Woodward.
Ghasia are ruining my beloved chieth team.

Mpaka Lingard amefunga after a full year.

Ole finally found a league he can win.

Kuma nina.

Wacha uone kile otoyo read Wolves wataona 1st feb

Otoyo is wolf or hyena or it’s used for both?

#Olein, #oleout fans kando, we all know it’s work in progress and injuries in the first team are hurting us. The #oleout chaps were as silent as a grave when man utd outplayed spurs and city in a week.

Meanwhile we celebrate small wins like this because they are a confidence booster especially to the younger players. Even Jones gets on the scoresheet.

The first time I heard the word otoyo I was told it’s hyena in dholuo. But now it’s the nickname of Wolverhampton Wanderers F.C.

Team imebeba mavitunguu. Bure kabisa

Hyena =Hiti
Wolf =Muthige.

Ni kama dim eyes don’t have a name for wolves