F1s Most Beautiful Car Currently

Running as Alpha Tauri for 2020 and beyond, the former Toro Rosso team has achieved reasonable success with a victory at home in Monza. It has a striking white livery and in my opinion the most good looking car this year.
Also excelled in Imola despite Gasly’s retirement.
Expect some new faces in the Tauri stable

Gasly and Kvyat,gotta love them at every race

Quite pleasing to the eye. I didn’t understand why they needed to rebrand from Toro Rosso, but whoever designed this new look did a fantastic job.

Hii ukiuliza @Mimi Huwa Namwaga Ndanii hajui kitu ata moja despite the fact yeye huenda Monaco kuonanizi stuff.

Kip.ii tuliagana usikue ukinitajataja

Ata kama walitolewa RedBull senior team wako sawa sana now with different machinery

hiyo gari iko na speed sana straight line alafu huyo dere anachukua corner na shortcut kali sana.