F16 jets kenya

Now that kenya will become a major non NATO ally. Will the US donate f16s to the KDF? I analyzed all the major non NATO allies. They have powerful militaries.
For example : Israel, south Korea, Brazil, colombia. They have armies of over 100,000 men. Kenya with it 24,000 men in KDF may increase its size in future.
This is just hypothetical. Feel free to discuss

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Use this for reference

As the US is facing out the ah1 super cobra and the f16. It will have huge demand in the international arms market

What happens googs biden akisunda n trump wins?
Republicans have no time for black shithole countries

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US foreign policy relations does not change per president. Ata akitoka agreement is still intact.

Si kama kenya where every presidency we start afresh juu ghasia hutoka hadi na documents wanaficha ndio wasipatikane

Trump did not reverse Obama policies that favored America. In fact Biden did what Trump planned to do, to isolate China in Africa

Vile @Ngimanene-Na-matharo atasema

Kenya has no threat sufficient to require F16’s the only reason we would need F16’s is to serve US military interests in Africa.

E.g what have KAF F5’s done for Kenya since 1978 other then national days parade fly pasts.


first thing nabii will do is sell the tech to xi or the highest bidder…

China now has equivalents of F35’s

panjeets, pakistanis, north korea, the list of buyers is endless



The fact that Racist , Rapist , Mysoginist , Entitled , Tax evading , Twice Impeached , misfit Insurrectionist facing 91 Crimes and Misdemeanors in open court is even being considered for high office should trouble any sane Voter .

That said …
Military Assets and Equipment for any nation fall into just 2 categories …

  • need to have.
  • must to have.

Anything “must to have” should be interrogated by the following questions…

  • what do we want that equipment or asset to achieve…??
  • what are the aqusition and maintenance costs …??
  • what would be the outcomes if we did not have it …??
  • are there alternatives or affordable suitable substitutes …??

Less than 30 countries have F-16s. In Africa I think it’s only Egypt that has them. Let’s be realistic about these things. You need serious resources and infrastructure to have such hardware. Kenya is not there yet. Not by a long shot.


yet nabii has proven him right…we were the last hope. south africa, egypt, and other powerhouses are now shitholes

To my knowledge…
The most recent use of KAF F5 Tiger jets was to bomb the KDF El Adde FOB in Somalia that had been overrun and captured by Al Shabaab.

The problem is military hardware tends to be sophisticated in terms of aqusition , training and maintenance…
You can’t go out and buy an F16 Fighter Jet today and expect to deploy it tomorrow…
You need trained pilots , maintenance crews and all sorts of Logistics in place first …

I totally agree …
Sometimes , smart strategy can eliminate such cravings.

My favorite go-to example is having a well trained and organized National Militia like the Swiss.
The Swiss have a population of 8.8 million.

Every able-bodied Citizen ( with some exceptions ) between 18-60 years of age does 3 weeks of mandatory military training every year.

They keep non-lethal gear at their homes and are organized in units around their areas of residence.

The Swiss Army proper is thus just a small organization of specialists that will supervise this regulated People’s Militia in times of War or National emergencies.

Imagine if we had a similar set up here …
In times of an Invasion or National Emergency , Militia Units report in uniform to Area Depot’s , get Arms and deploy to fixed , pre-determined defensive positions in their locations to assist the small national army.

This is a powerful detterant to any invader …

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US has few military interests in black Africa that warrant such weapons. This is meant to serve the military industrial complex. You are about to be forced to upgrade your hardware and buy obsolete planes, missiles and tanks at exorbitant amounts

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No president will agree to such an arrangement in neocolonial Africa. Recipe for chaos. Itakua coups and counter coups every few months remember Libya sio. Easier to control them by keeping the population poor/ignorant