F1 Saudia race day

F2 race was chaos, huge crash on lap 1, 2 drivers in the hospital.

[MEDIA=streamable]3rrwgh[/MEDIA] 72G impact. So bad, there have been no official replays.

F2 race abandoned with 8 minutes to go. Ifthis is any indication of the F1 race, its going to be a good race for some and a bad day for others

Red flag in the main race. Free pit stop for Verstappen. By not pitting, Red Bull have landed the pole they didn’t get yesterday. Yikes…

Drama leo ni mingi.

Nikubaya manze, Verstappen can take this championship today.

Sioni, he has to outscore hamilton by more than 18 points but this sets up the next race nicely. Hata hivo, 37 laps to go still, hapa kuna safety car ingine no doubt

Verstappen may have to give his spot back to Hamilton after that illegal overtake…acha tuone