Ezekiel Mutua (Bure Kabisa Meffi)

At a forum organised by the Kenya Film Classification Board .
Chairman Ezekial Mutua ordered those filming and producing films to be arrested if they have not been licenced by KFCB.

Psat lazima iwe movie apende asipende lazima iwe movie, @Female Perspective will act as Mutheu, @amun will be Kimeu

This goes a long way to show all those claims by various GoK officials to not have power to affect their dockets is a big lie.
If KFCB board chair, an otherwise useless entity, can make this much noise just imagine how much can be done by other more consequential positions.

VC , I heard that mombasa youth are watching too much porn, that’s why Ezekiel ordered those producing the films be arrested.:smiley:

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Filming set to start tomorrow so that we can capitalize on the prominence of the southern cross

PSAT ni nini ?

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Ngombe ya kiminini…

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I think psat is as old as Mutheu’s son plus something. Hopefully 9+years you have collected enough from your psat installations brother @Meria Mata. Or else manhunt that Ezekiel will thwart to get u will involve the whole troop of @imei2012 comrades.

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About 25k

Call the film “The big Dipper” or “My journey through the milky way”

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That has never stopped any female from dishing out slices to any other male they fancy and those ones like you who rush to that line of defense are usually the ones who give in much faster.

Ezekiel is a bitch ass nigga and someone close to him told me that he doesn’t represent a pinch of the moral crap he preaches. He is an attention deficient punk ass. He and the other “regulators” are the reason Machangi and other local productions have not gone national. The reason why we don’t have a robust movie industry in this country. Regulations left right and center. Mtu huacha industry igrow kwanza then you start enforcing controls.

Tunakuonea 18…
I’mma snitch on you .