Do you support or are you against?
Give your sober reasons.

Am for against.


Mitua must guard against personalizing policy the way Mututho did. His strong personal religious views should not be the leading edge.

That said, we must not be too tolerant of foreign interests who sponsor programs to actively advance sub-culture’s agendas or try to dictate our social and political priorities. It usually widens rifts in society or creates fault lines where none existed.

Mutua is fighting against time, its a war he has already lost

Kenya is a heavily Christian nation and the biggest problem with Christians is they’re very soft on social issues. Nothing is sacred even following the scriptures and obeying the commandments.
Ezekiel is a good man but he will lose. The people he is fighting are very wealthy and can keep attacking him for years. Wishy washy Christians will abandon him and the politicians will be paid off. The people who work in his department will be paid to undermine him and lie about him.
I am hoping he wins but he will not.

Fags wakwende kabisa…

Peole keep saying LGBT agenda, gay agenda… etc. There is no ‘Gay Agenda’. These are just people fighting for equal rights. Why does it bother some people so much?

We will defeat you - in prayer, through the law and in messages meant to sensitize Kenyans against your agenda. No one was born gay. These are habits people learn through socialization and bad media influence. Our culture doesn’t recognize homosexuality. It’s not our culture and it’s not in line with God’s agenda for humanity. The future of our country is threatened by these things and we must stand firm against the LGBT agenda. I don’t hate gay people and no one should. But we shouldn’t allow foreigners and a few characters funded by foreign NGOs to destroy the future of our children

The ignorance is strong with this one. Like someone said, he’s lost the war, he just doesn’t know it yet.

What equal rights? Right to produce fag content for local Tv and music videos? Rights to vote? Rights to shout ‘am a fag!!’? What rights? Fafanua priss…

Fag content? I don’t even know what you mean.
Same rights as you and I – human rights. Acceptance in society, same sex marriage.

Mutua seems the kind of crusader that costs the state money by making judgements that are easily overturned.


Appeals court stops forced anal tests on homosexuals

Too much gay innuendo in kids movies and cartoons. Nimeziban kwangu.
@Kilpatrick does for against mean one looks straight but is playing for both teams??

Human rights doesn’t encompass accepting such queer behaviour in society… And mutua is fighting gay content on local media. Same sex marriage pelekea Mp in the parliament, and pastors…

What is this gay content he’s fighting against?

Personalising policy is unavoidable when you are tasked with enforcing that same policy. It becomes part of you.

Thats why Uhuru created CAS office

What if your son becomes a fag…you know shit happens

Kwanza off late series zote ziko na gay scenes.

God forbid

You kill him. Not physically

You think i will embrace his behavior. So help me God it never happens, but that shall be the day uhusiano unaisha. Ati he comes with a fellow man and introduces him as his boyfriend/husband? Haaaaaaaa… Wewe embrace wako na upeleke/uletewe mahari. Mimi siwezi na sitawai!!!

Thank God you have not seen them. They are disgusting

Katombwe mkundu mbali.

Uzuri we have AS,IS and wahhabism.

They will sort ya ass

Some things are easier typed on keyboard than to be faced in reality .nitawachia hapo