Eye clence: For Firery Beasts lovers


Braus all the way

You choice amongst what is listed to me interprets you as a showoff.Someone who wants his presence to be felt by making a grand entrance .Bigger is Better must be your motto.

GT-R all the way.

My old time favorite
Meet the DODGE

:mad::mad::mad: hakuna Bavarian machine nanni ,hata i8 ama m3,m4 ,m5 ,some Alpina B machine.

Iyo ya tano inakaa mobious yetu(ya 254)

drooooooooooooll evo

Hio yote ni upuss. Chukua hii


:D:D:D:D:D:D:Dmaitho imekua safi zaidi , BMW gang ,@Maombi hodari kuja ona hii video