Extremism & Radicalization : How it starts

I just thought about the real genesis of radicalization, extremism and terrorism. Muslims have the reputation of holding the trophy in this area. But to understand the phenomena better, one has to ignore the mainstream media mainly influenced by sensationalism and propaganda.
All you need to cradicalize includes but not limited to :
Look at this guy

Micah Johnson
A US military vet who worked for and in the system. Woke up one day and killed 4 white cops. Reason ? He was incensed by the unlawful killings of black people by the pigs.

Then there is this guy
Christopher J. Dorner
Another vet who was also in the police but went rogue when his complains of racism in the system were not being taken seriously and led to his subsequent dismissal.
Main stream totally ignored the reasons for his actions and focused on the victims and families of his rage.
Just like whenever there is a killing, western media always checks race and religion first, before motive.
These two guys were radicalized and killed because of the discrimination meted out against “their people”.

Another case of extremism resulting from discrimination can be found in Southern Nigeria. There are guys there calling themselves the Niger Delta Avengers. Then there is MEND (Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta). A read on the genesis of these groups points to the obvious discrimination of their communities, under development and poverty when a majority of the national resources come from their areas.

Radicalization in Islam.

  • Its political, really. Someone comes to your backyard, kills your family and friends and starts stealing your oil. To add on to which he occupies your land forcefully. What do you do ? Call your friends and neighbors to help. Those who are not willing, find something dear to their heart. Tribe or religion or sect or clan. Just tell them, these people hate our clan, if you don’t help me, you will be next. You are guaranteed followers and helpers.
    Legal systems across the world favor those with the money. That’s why, the only way to get a feeling of revenge and justice is through death and destruction.

- Discriminate, marginalize and oppress someone long enough, and you have a terrorist.

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Thank you for telling everyone what Muslims have been trying to explain everyday .

@justus is a Christian extremist, I wonder what drove him to that [SIZE=1]may be a negative IQ[/SIZE]

Brother from another mother…

Would you say the same about the young men in Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan joining ISIL and Jabaht Al-Nusra?

What is ISIL ? How did it come about ? You just inspired me for my next article.

So what does killing a non-Muslim in Kenya have to do with somebody occupying another one’s land far far away and stealing his oil?

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This is one of the reasons that could turn an otherwise God fearing man into a terrorist.


Those are fvcking cowards, when you claim that so and so is siphoning off your oil, why do you bomb innocent civilians? Target the military and keep off soft target.

And then they expose their children to bombs and pose with dead bodies for pictures to win PR and further radicalizaion. Yet they themselves target innocent civilian and student with intention of killing as many as possible.


What reasons do al shabaab give for killing Innocent Kenyans ?
The Kenyan forces being in Somalia.
Why do they act on the basis of Islam ?
To get as much support and grounds men as they can from the Muslims, especially when crackdowns are conducted.
What do they want?
Intimidate Kenya into withdrawing from Somalia.
How do they want to achieve this ?
By swaying the public opinion in Kenya to agitate for withdrawal of forces in Somalia, through terrorism and murder of innocent Kenyans.
End Goal ?
Once the forces leave, they can make minced meat of the weak Somali government and take over political leadership.
Moral of the story :
Terrorists use Religious, Ethnic or any other unique identity to gain the support of the predominant Ethnic or Religious populations in their countries to fight for political power.
Other examples where Islam was not the driver to terrorism but terrorism was used for the same goal include but not limited to :
Rwanda (Hutu Extremists used the Hutu identity to fight for political power, anyone who was deemed as a moderate hutu was killed. They used demeaning languages on the other ethnic group, just like Muslim terrorists call non-Muslims infidels).
South Africa (Black on Black violence between Xhosas and Zulus fueled by the apartheid government privy to the end of Aparthei - the whites where desperate to prove that the black majority was not ready for political leadership)
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You are not truly conversant with al Shabba agenda. They can’t make mince meat of San and they know it otherwise they would have conquered the TFG that was a sitting dark. Kenya can withdraw but amino remains. Get the dynamics right