Extremely homophobic men are most likely to be closet gays , scientific study shows.CC@Uwesmake

You know how they say if something doesn’t affect you, you won’t be concerned that much about it. This is true when it comes to sexual orientation. It’s conclusively known that closet gays are the most homophobic. The exact theory is called latent homosexuality. The theory goes homosexual urges, when repressed out of shame or fear, can be expressed as homophobia. This is actually scientific facts from the journal of personality and social psychology. These who have watched the movie “American beauty” will get a better picture, Remember how colonel Frank Fitts was extremely homophobic throughout out the movie only to be revealed as a closet gay in the end? Does this ring a bell? Yes and it goes ding ding ding @uwesmake

We would look at a classic example in the village @uwesmake, the guy that will call you “ngayyyyyyyyyyyyy” for literally anything. More than half of his comments are related to homophobic slurs. I can confidently bet my rent that Uwesmake is a closet gay who has suffered years of sexual repression. Na si ati jokes or anything the dude is gay guys.


@uweskimwi kuja hapa

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He has also confessed insatiable desire to ferk shemales several times.


@rexxsimba some openly gay king wants you…



Akili ya uwes inatoshana na hii gizzard


gays always fight back, i and shemeji have fought gay fraternity kutoka enzi za klost and be well assured the fight will continue

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@uwesmake Gays are coming after you

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I never understand why people hate gay people. Two consenting adults. People here are still living in the 80’s and 70’s. It’s 2018 mates. As long as it is none of my business, what people choose to do with their bodies is none of my business.

And midgets.