Extremely Confidential Request: Talkers in Sweden

Hi all.

If you are a talker in Sweden, I would like to request for your assistance in a highly confidential inquiry I am making about a Swede currently living in Kenya.

I have a very bad vibe about him, and unfortunately he’s is in a position to hurt a lot of people.

Kindly inbox me if you are in Sweden/understand Swedish.

Asanteni sana na Mungu awabariki.

My sister is there but siezi kukupea her contact you dirty old bastard

Chunga usisaidiwe na akina Osewe na Ngatia, refugee-revolutionaries on welfare for life.

Fiund…step v cautiously and keep abreast of Brexit issues. I have a contact there, our Meru BEAUTIFUL chic working for the Gava there, we keep each other company huko negotiations. Inbox me what you really want to know and will tell you what she says and maybe put you in touch with each other.

Is he involved in “Evil Society” making trouble for the Uthamaki ?

There’s no need to find dirt on him just have Fazul cook up some nonsense. That will get him deported.

yes, until the man you refused to snitch on rigs an IED and blows up dozens of your compatriots…

IED haibagui!

Is he working for Oxfam or some other dodgy Charity?
I can’t listen to the news without hearing about the latest charitable organisation working in third world countries being accused of sexual harrasment etc…

Watu wachunge watoto wao Pris!..
Some of these so called volunteers have been exposed to be perverts and paedophiles who won’t hesitate to use their power to defile and abuse.
#mnyonge Hana haki

But guka only like dirty tits?

Lakini kwa maoni ya Oxfam,
#mnyonge ana ikus!

@screwplus chieth is there.

@screwplus unaitwa hapa

Mzee tumia Google translate, it will translate Swedish to English or swahili

He is in Norway.

Guka blocked me and this post makes no sense ati bad vibes …kwani mse ni jihadist ama nini?

It has been an open secret that any whites working in Africa normally are the ones considered to be of low IQ in their countries…

Angalia huyu mzee! You come here with stories of insiders in Jubilee yet you need an anonymous person in Sweden to do your dirty work? Hata husemi ni vibe gani mbaya.

Angusha hekaya chief. What is he doing or saying that requires intervention?

Good fiction, but
this is not Kirkuk.
Our reality is different and those accused of being of “bad vibes” here are are not IED makers but those agitating for a less fuckery from the ICC duo.

i don’t know about all this.

Kwani iko nini wewe malaya…