Extreme Flexibility

You all wish your Woman could do this … :rofl: :joy:


Hapa napiga carwash pussy mpaka mkia

Who has paused the vid, then pinched to enlarge pic

Just you bruh …

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@KuwaitBabe anaweza nikimpanda mkiya
Kisha nagawanisha njoti kwa stray dog @PERDITION na jamaa ya Mwihoko @MTINGIZA_KITANDA

Quick win. I get a release, @PERDITION @MTINGIZA_KITANDA get nutrient rich milk straight frm the source, antioxidants and all.

Are you Normal by any chance?

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Yeah…with an IQ of 120 upwards

This is not a talent. It is a genetic condition of connective tissue development called Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (EDS). It gets worse as one grows older and becomes overweight. As for now the lady has the best sexual appeal courtesy of the EDS.

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Can your obese women do this? :rofl: :rofl:

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Gay as fuck …

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You understanding of the word “obese” is just a biased personal opinion …
Where there is a Will , there is a Way … :blush: