Extreme crash test



The gravitational velocity of that car going down is 10m/s. Let’s say the mass of that car is 3000kg.
Hence momenta= 3000kgx10m/s= 30,000kg.m/s

But kwa barabara the same car moves at 27.77m/s(100km/hr) and not 10m/s. So momenta on the road equals to 3000kgx27.77m/s= 83,300kg.m/s

Conclusion:impact ya 83,300kg.m/s can’t be compared with impact ya 30,000kg.m/s. The latter is a child play.

So hawa wanatuenjoy to market the car. A good test should be on the road with an average speed of 100km/hr slamming right on to another car coming opposite direction with a similar speed.

Buda boss, you need to understand the difference between velocity and acceleration. Also Force and momentum

If I may attack you, your math is the same at half a foot above the ground as it is for 30 metres above the ground.

Ever heard of terminal velocity . No matter how high an object is lifted it will go down at a speed of 10m/s.

you are thick headed. That’s acceleration.

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Let me enlighten you.
Acceleration due to gravity is 10 ms^-2.
The car takes approximately 3 seconds after release to hit the ground.
So, starting from 0 m/s, after the three seconds it will have a speed/velocity of 10*3=30m/s.
OTOH, this car will not attain the terminal velocity (roughly 53 - 60 m/s)
This 30m/s = 108 kph. In fact, this impact is greater than the one you think.

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That’s it. V=U+at for this case U=0 (initial velocity) thus we have V=0+9.8*3=29.4M/s


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Wachana na physics Mzee. Just concentrate on grinding maize meal in your posho mill.