Extra-marital sex exception

Now,asking for a friend(sincerely)…Is there any justification in seeking another woman to fulfill mahitaji ya lungula if your wife had a cesarean section four months ago and since then you havent had any slices?ata kwa the bible au qoran hakuna mahali kuna kaloophole? juu anasema ata wife yake ameanza kumpa precautions ya vile uku njee ni kubaya na ati kama lazma akule njee akuwe cautious na atumie cd.ama hii ni green light wife anampea?wenye mmepitia hapa ebu saidieni.kunaendagaje?..NB:THIS IS A REAL CONCERN

Anataka sasa wife amuandikie barua akamangane ama? aache ufala.

Nobody has ever died because of a lack of sex!!! PalmElla nyale…

Asi kama bibi anamwambia akamwage nje hapo hakuna marriage

four months bibi hajapona Kiserian?

It happens and he has a caring wife anamjali masilahi yake:D:D:D:D

Sexception would have summarized the two words

Utter nonsense…Some issues are better left to be handled by professionals. The procedure with CS is different from the normal birth…Typically the mother will be required to visit a gyna after 4-6 weeks after birth. The gyna will check the progress of the wound and if the procedure wasn’t done in the right way he might recommend a restitching. But typically after 2 months (like it was with our case) most mothers are usually healed and you can resume intercourse. The wife could be suffering from postpartum depression which has made her lose interest in sex, usiniambie ati cjui CS.

Imagine the guy wakes up suddenly one night and started running around naked in the estate and a bull almost rips his testicles apart, narrowly missing his cock. Doctors give him 11 months to regain full functionality would he want his wife to look for a cock to ride on?

nilishuku.but mambo ya ndani ivo uwezi uliza sana.furthermore hakusema ni wound inakazia…alisema tu after CS

Women are made to bear such for long.but mwanaume ni tofauti

its precisely four months ndio hajapewa vitu.

mwanamke mjanja hupeana leeway na anakupea precautions pia

its probably coz they had it eventually:D:D:D:D:D

Says @Brikicho Bantureh a leading armchair gynaecologist and sex behaviourist :D:D

:D:D…i never knew i would be recognised…with all my modesty…thank you…thank you…no applause…no applause please…

ya normal birth intercourse huanza after how long daktari?

cant relate

The things women go through! sigh…
Hiyo trauma si mchezo.

yo’ll are appreciated sana