Extra Judicial Killings....Boniface Mwangi will be the next victim

Look at his actions…leading a group of hooligans at police HQs to protest the on going extra judicial killings. It’s all fun and games now Bonny bt when the dust settles We will dedicate a spesho song for u…and that song is luwerex2


setting himself up for matyrdom…like jj


Huyu Bonny hataona 2017

Bony is here to stay, I dont like some of his methods but I admire his resolve, we need to express ourselves more, that is how you build your country. The problem in this country is that good people dont speak up, we let bad guys take us to the dogs and speak in hushed tones huko kwa sidelines, that must change.


From another perspective: Double agent

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Bonny should be very careful.Why am i saying he may be whacked is b/c elections zinakuja and this guy akikosea tuu kidogo aseme rigging is possible then RIP kwake

Kiaje sasa?elaborate


Dawa yake ni kumpea kazi kubwa GoK hii activandalism yake atasahau.

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They can’t touch Bonny, he’s too big for that now and it’s a sure bet the US and UK Embassies fund most of his activities.

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He did a very stupid move a few months back … petitioning to have ‘corruption’ declared as a national disaster… The “MaVulture” campaign plus the other one at Tom Mboya camp were more civilized.

huyu haendi pahali, he has alot of international support.

The guys is just a semi literate heckler, cant even string together a coherent sentence:rolleyes::rolleyes:
He should be charged with vandalism , a few nights in a cell would calm him down:D:D

Huyu kazi nikukula donor funds akijifanya peasant ndiyo apate sympathetic followers.

Kill them all. Human beings are a plague upon this earth