Extra judicial killing??

A prison warden attached to the Nairobi West Prison was lynched after angry members of the public cornered him following a robbery mission.
Witnesses said Constable Ken Kavunga Wali, who was armed with a Ceska pistol loaded with 15 rounds of 9mm calibre, was suspected to be part of a three-man gang that had accosted a woman along Muchai Drive in Kilimani and robbed her of her mobile phone and other valuables.
Following the 9 pm incident on Christmas Eve, the woman raised alarm attracting irate members of the public who temporarily abandoned their Christmas preparations activities and went after the bike with furry.

A brief chase ensued as the deceased revved the bike in an erratic huff, with his two accomplices perched precariously on the pillion seat.
Police and witnesses said after a few metres, the ill-fated bike lost track and wobbled on the road briefly before it landed on the tarmac.
The thugs on the pillion quickly gathered themselves up and limped away into darkness while the deceased was cornered by the unforgiving mob and beaten with less consideration like a government mule.
Detectives based at Capitol Hill police station rushed to the scene and saved the warden from the irate mob that had descended on him with an avalanche of stones, blows and kicks.
However, he later succumbed to his injuries at the Kenyatta National Hospital.
A Ceska pistol serial number KE KPS H1768 with 15 rounds of 9mm calibre was recovered from the deceased.
The motorbike used by the suspects was also impounded by the detectives and towed to Capitol Hill police station.

Efforts to arrest the deceased’s accomplices are in the advanced stages. Police discourage mob lynching and term it criminal.
Nairobi police boss Adamson Bungei said suspects should be surrendered to police for processing and prosecution.
“Like now we are not sure if the deceased was a criminal or not. He is dead and it is hard to know what happened. Mob lynching is criminal,” he said.
He added they are investigating the incident. Cases of mob lynching have been on the rise in the country amid calls to address the menace.

A Prison Warden Allegedly Lynched By Mob Was Killed By Police, Postmortem Reveals Cause of His Death
A Prison warden was allegedly lynched on Christmas day following a robbery incident in Nairobi.

According to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI), Constable Ken Kavunga Wali died after a hail of blows from angry members of the public.

Constable Kavunga who had a loaded Ceska pistol, was suspected to be part of a three-man gang that had accosted a woman along Muchai Drive in Kilimani and robbed her of her mobile phone and other valuables.

However, the family of the 28-year-old officer has denied the police claims. His releatives have insisted that he was killed by police.

His sister, Mourine Wali said that her brother was arrested by the police at 9pm on December 24 at Kilimani area on a motorcycle with his friends. Kavunga did not flee but instead identified himself to them. They then took him to Capitol Hill Police Station instead of Kilimani Police Station.

She said they received a call from Nairobi West Prison and were informed that Kavunga had been killed in a robbery incident. The caller told them he was taken to Kenyatta National Hospital and died there.

Releatives went to KNH, but no such person had checked in as the police claimed.

Further reports indicate that Kavunga’s girlfriend witnessed police assaulting him in a police car, and at the mortuary, the clothes he was wearing were changed.

According to a postmortem report, the deceased died as a result of strangulation.

The family said the police should bear full responsibility for their relative’s death, citing conflicting reports on the crime and the results of the postmortem examination.

Who’s fooling who?

The title should be not have the question mark, it should be a period.


Twisted shiet this is

Also strange that someone could get killed in mob justice while in possession on a loaded ceska while Just a single shot in the air would send the attackers running.

The ceska was probably planted on him after the mob justice kichapo.

Mob justice probably never even happened. Kilimani is a posh area and rich people dont engage in such shenanigans. Ni kama kusema ulipigwa mob Karen ama Runda. The said person died by strangulation. Police report says he was killed by mob. Police report also says he died while receiving treatment in KNH, the same KNH that has come forward and refuted claims of receiving anyone by that name. His girlfriend saw him being assaulted by police in the car. That tells you the whole story.

Who is fooling whom

Tombwa msee.


In addition, extra judicial killing is totally different to extrajudicial killing.

Mimi nahitaji kuelezwa hio difference ya hizo killings aina mbili.

Sababu nimebaki nikifikiria hio ya kwanze ni normal judicial killing (death sentence), lakini extra

The former can be interpreted in two ways:
[li]A judicial official killed an extra person[/li][li]One judicial officer was to be killed but one more was also killed.[/li][/ol]

Huyo sio mwizi arikuwa anauza nyama pare Gara

The bigger picture here is the administration of the various armouries by our security services. Yaani msee anatoka na mguu wa kuku kwa armoury na haijulikani anaenda wapi nayo?

Armoury za Kenya Police huwa ni sanduku hapo nyuma ya OB desk. D- huchukua bunduki bila hata kuandika kwa black booo. Same na kurudisha. Hakuna mtu wa kuangalia kama risasi zimerudishwa zote.