Extra Judicial Executions


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Mali ya Darwin lazma achukue ,no evading him

Extra judicial execution is a necessary evil. Maraga and his corrupt judges are releasing terrorists each day. If investigating officers see there is a high possibility of the offenders commiting a crime then they should be hit. Sometimes evidence submitted to court is inadequate to convict. I believe we walk safely daily because of the work our forces do chini ya maji. As long as the mofos killed are guilty am okay with it.

It will always be a difficult question. There was a time when you couldn’t walk around areas such as majengo, shauri moyo, kayole, mwiki e.t.c. Viatu zilikua zinauzwa bado zikiwa kwa miguu yako. From the time the zero tolerance on crime policy was launched in 2004, these places have gradually become liveable and walkable, though there is still significant crime.
There are two types of police executioners. There is the hessy variety, who work on intelligence. They warn you severally, before eventually getting rid of you. Although their methods are questionable, at least you can see the logic in what they are doing.
The other type of executioners are the ones who work on the spur of the moment. They don’t believe in arresting criminals, even when they have the opportunity to do so. Often, they end up killing innocent people [like the terrible case I always keep citing of constable mueni in dandora, which keeps on being replicated on less grand scale all over the city].

This shit happens alot in Kenya more so Nairobi, the number of forced disappearances will surprise you, ulizia tuu

Everyday, hundreds of criminals are convicted in our courts, where adequate evidence is presented and where there is no interference. Our prisons are full of people who have been processed through the system. In the cases where judges release serious criminals, it is usually due to pressure from government, which wants them to be released so that they can be used in other ‘operations’. You have to understand that most of these so-called terror cases, for instance, are usually government operations, meant to justify certain things, and to keep anti-terror funds and intel from abroad flowing. So it is a complex issue, in which the judges often end up being used as scapegoats. Until the day you understand how the hidden arms of the government operate, you will always be blind, and things will never make sense to you.

I still believe in hessy type executions. They officers gather Intel and know 100% that you are a thug, then they warn you. They tell you to reform and go back to the village. If you don’t they kill you. That is acceptable. Evidence is not easier kupatikana. Hujai ona mtu anajulikana ni mwizi but hutawai mpata akiiba?

Sasa hizi ndio story unishangaza. So inasemekananga msee flani ni mwizi, yet hajawahi hiba chochote. Ni kama Mombasa, kuna msee alikuwa anasemekana ni shoga. Yet hakuna msee ana-confess ashawahi kumfira. Na hakuna msee ana-confess ashawahi kumuona akifirwa. Kila mtu ni kusikia to ana-sikianga. Ama ni-kuimagine: juu anakaa kama shoga (or mwizi in this case).
So mtu auliwe just because anasemekana kuwa mwizi? Or mtu auliwe just because anakaa kama mwizi?
Anyway story ya akina hessy, mtu [the real proven criminals] akikataa ku-rehabilitatika afanyiwe nini?

Sema hivyo until a powerful competitor puts a hit on you using the same killer corrupt cops.
Who do you think is carrying out daylight executions of Kenyan professionals such as advocates and business men?

You must be very naive and stupid to think all the people being executed are violent criminals. I believe in Karma in the sense that the same laws you support will come back to bite you in the ass.

Adequate and thorough is a must.