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Produced by the Barack Obama Foundation…

Executive Produced by Open Society and BLM organisation…

Casting by Michelle Obama…

Around minute 37 they will mention the real enemy of progress : Donald J. Trump.:rolleyes::rolleyes:

Do you know that the Director of that film was a Minister of Culture in Haiti his homeland. How did he help Haiti one of the most corrupt shitholes on earth?

You are too dumb to comprehend the narrative… enda umalize teletubies

What narrative that Black Lives are killed by whites???

Negro plizz!

This past weekend 25 bleks were shot by fellow bleks and 3 killed in Chicago. Next Weekend itakuwa a much larger figure due to the ongoing riots.

Sun-Times Media Wire

Monday, April 12, 2021 9:30AM CT
https://cdn-abcotvs-com.cdn.ampproject.org/i/s/cdn.abcotvs.com/dip/images/10505841_041021-wls-eisenhower-shooting-5p-vid.jpgA shooting on the Eisenhower near Cicero Avenue on Friday night became the 60th Chicagoland area expressway shooting of the year, according to Illinois State police.

Stop rotting your brains with fake leftist PROPAGANDA.

Even they admit openly that it is indeed FAKE PROPAGANDA!!

Again this is not for someone of your reasoning capacity. . But hey feel free to shit all you like… remember idiot is as idiot does

Njaruo why are you always so defensive? No one is attacking you, I haven’t even touched you but you are so giddy and upset.:rolleyes:

You are always restless as if you are under some sort of attack. You need to calm down dude. Learn to relax.

I’m 100% relaxed… you are the one shitting your pants like an uncle tom on a white dick

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