Expressway to be opened on May 14 - amefanya kazi buana



The animals in the barn went wild with joy at the prospect of dining in the house, little did they know…

On a trial basis to all…

Lets wait and see

Nimeskia the stupid tangatagas will boycott the road.


mlisema hii kitu ni pesa ngapi tena ?

Zero. We tax payers paid zero.

Kïhiii anus licker utaiba picha ya Gari huko juu?

Kïhiii anus licker utaiba picha ya Gari

have been wondering why they cant just plant climbers instead of these short term flowers.

Climbers normally degrade walls and concrete.

Hehe I like this one ! Really

We need a shady cartel to be paid billions in the future just to maintain and water those plants …even if the whole thing goes derelict some people will still get paid

Waweke plastic plants. Maintaining live plants is no joke coz all plants have a life cycle ie germinate, grow, flower, die.

This is uhíí anus licking kind of thinking

Even advertising would have made more $$$ents (pun) intended …that’s the goal

This is one road though beneficial will expose the gap between the haves and have nots even amongst the middle class.

Unfortunately, unlike the SGR you cant be forced to use it unless you have an emergency… (I wonder the cost of ownership will be how high). Good concept bad deployment time.

Instead of planting flowers that require high maintainance, the powers concerned with the Nairobi Express Way should have done murals!

Much more manageable and beautiful.

Nimepelekeko German machine isikieko utamu wa expressway. Bara bara iko swafi kabisa. Uhuru amefanyako kazi buana.