express highway toll fee to be payed in dollars

watu hunegotiate hizi contracts huwa wapumbavu kiasi kagani. Are we zibambwe or what, dollar ikifika 150 itakuwaje sasa.

I guess they don’t trust the shilling to be stable in the future.

dollar inaendelea kupanda and as a result everything is becoming more expensive. Alafu hio doh ya expressway inalipwa per trip ama? Saw something like 1500. I stand to be corrected

The only way dollar gets to 150 is if we print money. And that is the reason why the contracts are in dollars.

Who paid for the entire project?

Rightfully so, if something doesn’t happen quick, we are headed to the dogs

[SIZE=6]Watu wa Ruto mko na machungu sana siku hizi.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=6]Kama ingekuwa ni mwaka wa 2016 before the handshake ungekuja hapa kama umejipiga kifua kisha useme ," Ummm the fantastic express highway that Jubilee govt is now building is a marvel of engineering. In fact it’s the first in East and Central Africa. And the toll will be paid in dollars which is ingenious because in my view it will boost the economy and like @spear said recently this road will go a long way in supporting the 24 hour economy. I really think that you guys should support the dynamic duo. In fact here are a few photos showing how the development is coming along! You can get the other photos on mkuki’s thread on the same. I think @administrator you should pin this thread so that other talkers can contribute more photos as the project continues. Kudos Jubilee. Tuko pamoja! Thanks guys. Peace and love. Hugs and kisses. I’m out. Yours truly @mr shairman from Gachie!!" :rolleyes::rolleyes:[/SIZE]



The Chinese.

Na Ndola ikifika 90 Bob itakuwaje sasa?

[SIZE=7]Naye @spear mkuki juu haezi wachwa nyuma angeongezea na kusema :[/SIZE]

[SIZE=7]"Tis Jubilee gafment by far and wide is the most successful in Kenya’s history. No other president has achieved more than Uhuru Kenyatta on infrastructure… the road from dongo kuwili to Mariashoni will be completed in 3 days bringing the total to 17,500,000 kilometers of Grade A concrete tar track road… the agreement is PPP running for 17 years so Kenya will pay zero! We are very lucky.

This is the best deals Kenyans could efer get. The road from Kangundo to Ol Kalao will start in 2 days and will be launched by DP Uncle Ruto. Again it is PPP PCP govt to govt 50/50 cost sharing … :D:D:D:D:D… China Wu Yi has signed the initial documents and the project will be completed in two hours… it features way leaves , aqueducts and raised tunnels for turning radius of multi stack containers… the gantries for Kisumu Port have arrived and KENHA and KERRA will complete the Shimo la Tewa weigh bridge PPP PDP PCP govt to govt cost sharing agreement to extend the narrow gauges from 10mm to 17 micrometers which is the best worldwide . This will improve the economy by 75%!!"


Mkiskia PPP govt to govt mnajua kwisha nyinyi. :D:D:D:D

With all this loans we are servicing the dollar can only go up up. xi jing chieth knew that with all the money we owe him for overpriced projects our economy was headed to the dogs.

Of course in 2016 you called it development. :D:D

How times change.

With all the money america is printing to pay people to stay at home due to corona, and to bail out industries, the shilling may get to 80bob vs the ndola.

That would be counter productive against Kenya. A farmer who sells goods to the US for $1,000 (ksh 100K) will now only get ksh 80k.

I remember in that thread how that bloody Ruto worshipping fool was busy praising PPPs ati wakenya hawatalipa.

Conveniently omitting that there is a guarantee clause that states that when the traffic numbers aren’t enough, our taxes pay for it.

Who told you?:smiley:

Usually what happens in such cases is that prices of things go higher. Like what was sold at 1000 dollars is now 1100 dollars or more. So that farmer would still just have his money

Of course that takes a little bit of time before things adjust but it’s the nature of things other times you’re lucky you get a lot of profits due to those market rates and other times just a little

The dollar is loosing against all other pairs but strengthening against the shilling. That shows weakness of the shilling. The usd shilling pair is in consolidation it has no sellers, who can bring it down. Ile time usd ita pata nguvu it will go up properly