Exposing People

Dear Stupid Men
If you must expose a woman, please hide her face. They are someones daughter, sister, mother, wife. Lets be human enough guys. si poa. @admin you must also consider censoring these idiots. It is not fair.

SV ata hujakaa ata siku moja unajaribu kuchafua elders mecho? you must differentiate between obvious expose and willing jik materials.

Unapigia mbuzi guitar my fren

Are you an adolescent?

Were they aliens before taking photos?/so they had parents?

Kama hiyo imecomment hapo juu

Sl sometimes I think he is

I think he is an overgrown baby who inherited a VE handle.

Hapo umeteleza na comment kama ya mosa ,turudi Kwa post who exposed who?

Enda bila kusumbua

moderator ya kenyaspot niaje. estrogen tupu.

Who has exposed who?

Kuna dem alikua ameanikea hapa akiwa half naked picha kama 20. Nimeona post imeMalaysia

naona umeguswa pole sana

NV unanuka mavi

Hata mimi nakubali.Ficha sura ama weka mgongo.Weka sura akiwa na nguo, sio uchi

Let’s be humans my dear brothers n sisters.when it comes to explicit materials on ladies who don’t act porn,just taking pics for fun or deceived by their bfs to take nudes,it is our duty to protect them.hide the face plz.it might cause ur sister or mother a hubby.let’s be sensitive n respectful to our women.

Nitakupatia kitu kidogo ukuniletea zile picha nilikuitisha


Children cannot agree with me