EXPOSED : Ambulance ni taxi ya ma VIP

Kama umekuwa ukiweka gari kando kupitisha hawa mafala ole wako. Look at the emergencies they’re carrying inside:


These ambulances are never carrying patients. Nobody uses ambulance in Kenya. In Kenya if there’s an emergency people use their own cars ama ya jirani, ama taxi iko karibu to rush to hospital

there are so fcuking proud. upussy hii Kenya imezidi.

I can imagine how fast you came to upload this with stumpy dirty fingers

Problem is, there’s a thread about it already… More so from yesterday

Ohh and by the way, your opinion sucks

that’s why I pray a very big shot family is seriously hit by corona, they take us for fools, they put a lockdown and curfew but themselves they’re above the law, only nature will equalize us

When I searched “ambulance”, nothing came up, fool!

Ambulances in Kenya are only used in a hospital to hospital situation. For example when Nyeri PGH has a case they can’t handle and they want to rush you to KNH. Otherwise hizi zingine ni personal cars za watu.


Typical rich kids of Nairobi. Arrogant and spoiled with more money than sense. If you’ve ever interacted with such you know how privileged they are compared to the average raia. I guarantee you these kids get more pocket money in a week than most Kenyans make in a month, and none of them knows the price of a loaf of bread or a packet of milk. Anyway nobody asks to be born rich or poor. Let them enjoy the privilege of wealth in a corrupt society where everything has a price.

Ule dem najua anaitwa laura haga iko fiti, lakini ni mdomo baggi

What does it take to own an ambulance

The hundreds of ambulances that showed up to save the who-is-who at Dusit last year are enough to serve all Nairobians comfortably. I didn’t know that there were that many ambulances in Kenya.

some guy from New York even commented and said that he has never seen that many ambulances in New York and Kenyans must be very rich and lucky.

if he only knew.

I used to pay membership for Ems the redcross ambulances mostly to just boost their humanitarian efforts. Stopped when I found out just how corrupt that Organisation is. And even when you see them ferrying accident victims, it’s not for free. They go demanding payment even as they are giving you treatment. And yet, some counties paid them for services . Kenya for Kenyans disaster was just a taste

Gullet ameharibu Red Cross. Just another Atwoli.

story ya mzee moi akiwa kijana :smiley:

Years ago there was a young man who had smoked something or sniffed something and he was out of his mind threatening to kill his dad. Nikajua kuita police the guy will be shot and if arrested he will be clobbered senseless at the police station. Many kids have died that way. Nikapigia St Johns ambulance apelekwe Mathare akadungwe atulie. The lady on the other end laughed. “Aiii sisi hatufanyagi hio kazi! Tafuteni taxi ama mmfunge na kamba si nyinyi ni wanaume. Umenichekesha aki!”

We used to go for walks to raise money for St. Johns. Scouts all over Kenya still do that shit to support St. John.
This country is…

Habari ya asubuhi naona umewasili kijiji.

:D:D:D:D:D:D. Niko ngangari.

Ambulances have a right of way. Some people abuse their power to use ambulances for personal gains, but we must appreciate the essential services they provide. Accident victims along Mombasa road know the role played by ambulances. Doctors rushing to save lives also use ambulances.

Nikisema ambulance namaanisha za County na Za Hospitali binafsi, sio izi za Red Cross

Ati Mombasa road???