Exposé "MISS FINEST WINE " kapatikana

I always found to be stupid and more so a very shallow try hard bitch… so hii baridi has me on tinder

…and So kwa bahati mbaya as I swipe left to right in tinder …

Cheki haka try hard …ni mfupa utachapa tu…hakuna moto unazimisha hapa …
Najua kuna ule simp wake @Freestyle atakuja na nyef nyef si yeye - bruh
BITCH nigga wa @Finest wine - am out

Si kabaya. I would smash.

Haka bila make up siezi angalia twice.

Anything is smashable just you can see the level of insecurities from her the pics…kwengine ni yellow yellow and others ni kaeusi ka makaa
Pussy get ate


Ni haka kamama ka Randan hushinda sumbua mingi mingi

Wacha ukutwe hapa

He is already blocked by Miss Whitest wine

Na vile mimi ni mkonda si nikipatana na huyu ni moto utawaka tuchome nyumba

Juan I see you have invited me to another male malaya fest that has my name on it. Sorry can’t see the post coz the ngui is blocked.
p/s if you don’t see a response from me jua I did not see the post and please don’t tag me. I wake up every morn in the arms of another man so anyone wasting their precious money making time writing acres about me fishing for likes is just a sexually depraved broke arsehole. I will never do those. 'Ave a great afternoon as I am.

Some say, the leakage I was to tell you was that phylgee is Liberty’s girl, it was rumoured that she is expectant, for your next edition of your ngatheti

Kumbe ukipatana na wale za @rexxsimba unahang to


Please do not involve me in your Juvenile drama …
I am here purely to post and enjoy good BBW Booty …:smiley:


@Some Say hii ni tamu kama sunguch
hata kama kuna wale hawan hio reach

Maliza hiyo malaya ya el Salvador


Hii yerrow yerrow si mbaya sana


Ghaseer hii :D:D:D

Glorifying average women…