Exporting Turkana Oil. Developing story.






Investors wanted.


Really stolen livestock?

Why not? Successive governments have pretended anything beyond .8’N is not their responsibility. They should’ve ignored the oil as well. This is a chance for people of Turkana to get some attention from GoK.

That’s just the beginning of the problems. Wacha pesa ianze kuingia uone real incitement by the local politicians.

Without proper planning, this might escalates to hatred and civil war. You have a point my friend, don’t you also suspect blackmail?

But a millennial might also ask ,since devolution started what have they done with the allocated billions collected from other regions.

Warning shots have been fired long ago . I complained of the same

We’ve had devolution for 6 years. Neglect for 60. Do the math.

I agree , but most of this shenanigans are fuelled by politicians and not actually the interest of the citizens.

In as much as Govt need to address the concerns of the locals,this is where they also need to deal so ruthlessly with the inciters that wengine wakifirikiria kufanya hivyo in future wanajithithimukuo

Ngoja tu. You’ll get all manner of excuses on why incitement is good and why the locals should get 70% of all the proceeds. Lol

Actually if you go to lodwar you will realise the governor has really done well for the time he has been in office…have seen health facilities springing up, nursery schools, water and very good roads in lodwar town…and that’s just in 6yrs…I was impressed with what he has done within such a short time…now imagine if turkana had no been neglected by successive central governments…I have a lot to say about turkana and west pokot lakini wacha nisiendelee…I see a lot of ignorance on some of the posts hadi nashangaa

Let me get this. The Turkana have stopped the oil because their cows were stolen by the Pokot?

Because of lack of security

Yes kwa sababu the government can afford to have Army men escorting the black gold and not able to protect the locals from frequent attacks by the raiders

U even wonder ama Tuko nchi moja na majamaa kama hao. What happened to community meetings when things get out of hand? Kama the 2 neibas can’t live in harmony Wakiwa na njaa hivo na wakianza kupewa za mafuta? Civilization here is crucial

Typical muthamaki response

That’s how Nigeria found itself in niger delta. Curse of oil starts with opinions like these