Exporting to Zimbabwe

Habari ya elders, our boss recently made a significant import of 2.8 million bags of fertilizers from Morocco. However, a bit of unfortunate timing came into play as the import took place just before the subsidy for fertilizers in Kenya was implemented. Consequently, we find ourselves in a situation where we have a substantial stock of fertilizers on our hands and are seeking viable options for its distribution.

The good news is that we are exploring the possibility of supplying this fertilizer stock to countries like Zimbabwe or Malawi, both of which have a growing demand for agricultural inputs. Our boss is committed to taking care of all the logistical aspects, so our primary focus is on tapping into these new markets.

To make this venture a reality, we are actively seeking the assistance of experienced individuals who can help us navigate the intricacies of international trade and facilitate this deal. If you or anyone has the necessary expertise and connections in the agricultural industry, this opportunity could prove to be financially rewarding for you. If you’re interested or know someone who might be, please get inbox me.

We have the following consignment as follows:

DAP 2M bags of 50kg

TSP 500,000 bags of 50 kg

NPSB 300,000 bags of 50kg

Total Bags: 2.8 Million Bags

Selling price is 35 Dollars per bag

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With that kind of money on the line you can have a team spending time in those countries for a few weeks and talk to people on the ground.


Check your inbox tomorrow morning. consider yourself sorted

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This is still happening mkubwa?

Is this still on ama ulisaidika?

I got some leads but I am open to more