Export License: Macadamia

How does one proceed with getting a license to export macadamia? Anyone with experience working with the Nuts and Oils Crops Directorate? Any helpful leads will be appreciated.

Do you have a factory processing? Do you have buyer contracts? I work in that industry and my friend right now easy to penetrate. But the guys we started supporting 5 years ago are rolling in serious cash

NGo support ama?

Toa matiti kubwa hapa kumbaff


If you have to ask definitely you have no capacity to export, so no need of giving advice.

I meant not easy to enter at the moment. It is tightly controlled industry with the nutpack, which is the umbrella body comprising of key players practising oligopolistic tendencies. We are in the financing arm.

Nilunikisha kitunguu sana exporting NIS to China before it was banned. Akina Munga Jungle Nuts and Pius - the passaris husband - have ganged up to make sure that only they can benefit.
Ni hard kuingia but try your luck.

why does every madman in the village need to make their voices heard ? Clap for yourself and STFU.


Thanks for the input, the problem is getting the export license. The people who want to do this plan to be fair to the farmers. Macadamia nuts in the US and Canada retail for almost $ 20 per lb and the only value added is minimal e.g sprinkling salt. I know where Munga takes his products and there is enough for everyone. The last time I checked the farmers were getting KES. 100 per Kg.
So some questions for you:

  1. How many Kgs of the macadamia with the the husk make 1 Kg of the dehusked?
  2. Did you need a license to export to China?

Thanks for your input.