Exploration of the deep sea preserve of the elites

Nothing exemplifies Nietzche’s idea of Master -Slave morality like the ongoing sadistic glee by so many against the tragic death of the Titan crew in their twisted moral arguments. The world ‘billionaire’ has been used to strip empathy to the missing crew.

Friedrich Nietzche had observed human behaviour quite well. According to him…The Masters or the rich are strong, creative, wealthy, and powerful. They can do whatever they like. They value things like wealth, glory, ambition, excellence, and self-actualization. They affirms life and everything in it. This also means the masters are creative, as they have no desire to follow a prescribed life plan and are willing to experiment with new life choices that suit them despite widespread disapproval.

They name the opposites of themselves, the weak and feeble, as bad.

On the other hand, Slaves or the poor are less well off. Oppressed by the Masters, they cannot do what they like. They are weak, poor, and resentful. Psychologically, the poor decide that they can only endure their suffering if they redefine it as both being good and a choice. The slaves begin to praise the meek, the cowardly, the poor, and those who are unable to end their suffering.

The Masters are dubbed evil for choosing to be wealthy, powerful, and capable.The Slaves become good for being the opposite of the Masters.

Fact is, the spirit of exploration and adventurism which eventually leads to discovery and innovation can only be afforded by the rich. Whether nations, individuals or communities. The brave early adventurers and explorers who left the comfort of their life’s and ventured into the unknown territories. .whether they made it like Darwin or Columbus or died in action like Captain Cook…made great wealth for themselves and their nations …whether of material things or knowledge.

The exploration of deep sea and deep space can only be done by the rich and powerful. Which in turn follows the Matthew effect, more wealth will be gained by them. Nietzche posited that slave morality is sour grapes made into a value system. The poor are comfortable in their state. We must be human first before any other -ism, and be empathetic to our fellow humans when in suffering.

May the spirit of exploration and adventure of the missing gentlemen inspire many more brave humans to venture into the unknown realms of our Universe.


Expropriation of deep guts is preserved for baruya @majorprophet to @poyoloko boot

We don’t deny that but why couldn’t this engineer not build a strong steel submarine to withstand the pressure, it’s simple physics.

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No human being has reached the deepest part of the ocean. Do you think the moon landing was real?

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according to a report by UNESCO only 5% of the world oceans are explored and ventured by humans the rest remains unknown.The sea is vast just like space and the moon is just a minor achievement compared to what lies in space.in my opinion I think the moon landing is real.