Exploiting the service concept of business.

Thinking out loud, business is all about providing two major things, goods and services. Majority of Kenyans are into the goods part of it and the service part of it is yet to be fully exploited. Some can argue the service industry requires lots of capital to start but theres an opportunity to start small. Its all about identifying a need, somn like garbage collection, supplies etc.


Weka examples of those services

I have also noticed the opportunity in the service industry…you only need to have the right idea and strategy. After a few months or years, you can rope in the big tenders in government and the corporate world. Trading in goods requires more of capital while services it is the idea that sells. Having an office is enough to kick off the service business
IT services
delivery services
advertising services
PR services
Consultancy in field of expertise e.g construction, farming, education
baby daycare
Security…e,g dog training, providing trained bouncers to clubs
Transport e.g car hire
Cleaning…carwash, drycleaning, domestic cleaning, office cleaning
event management e.g decoration
entertainment e,g dj, MC, dance, singing
the list is endless


Well put. Once you register a business and get an AGPO cert you’re good to go.

Academic writing service…ill be launching my website soon

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How do you get in touch with clients? Some tips?

Fishing em out from websites