Explanation As To Why There Are So Many Deformities In India

Long time ago there was a nuclear war in India. In the Hindu Holy book there’s mention of a a firey weapon form the sky that consumes everything on the ground. Secondly there’s certain type of crystals (trinitite) only formed when sand is molten at extremely high temperatures.


This types of crystals are also found in some regions of the Sahara ️. In India it’s very common for cows to give birth to 2 headed calves or children born with 25 fingers or toes among other deformities.

Have you first solved your own problems dimwit? Did u figure HIV AIDS?

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Koome Njue and Lord Krishna reprimand you, desert dweller.

Rampant incest

More likely…

It’s because of the class system. Basically everyone has to marry from their bloodline. For those with good lines, the results are excellent. They can also improve their genes by picking the occasional good looking beauty.

For the lower class, they’re stack with accumulation of dangerous recessive genes with no wag to escape

Even among cattle???

Case closed

We have a billion plus people in India and majority dont eat cattle so na Hizo ngombe mob getting the ones with issues is not hard

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Inbreeding. Uncles climbing nieces is a normal thing in that shit hole.

Also pollution.