Explain to me like a 5yrs old....

What is wrong with nabii printing billions of KES and using them to pay for govt expenditure?

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@Once upon a time firwa

Degree muhimu sana

Najua hivo ndio maana nimesema you explain to me like a 5yrs old …ama your degree doesn’t help in understanding?

Wewe David Ndii tuliza kende

The value of anything is pegged to its availability/scarcity. The stones lying on the ground you are standing on are worth zero because they are everywhere. Diamonds and gold are super expensive because they are very rare. Same applies to money. At any time, there should be a specific amount of money circulating in the economy. If Praying Mantis should print more money, he risks flooding the market with too much money, which will inherently drive down the value of the currency, and consequently drive up the costs of goods and services, resulting into whats known as inflation. Ndo maana pale Zimbabwe there was a time watu walikua wanabuy mkate mzima na pesa imejaa kwa wheelbarrow

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You don’t say…

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@patco is back.

Once upon a time,we had intelligent villagers untill you happened.

Hergeisa uko kwa waria wanabuy mkate na hurubaro, not that bread is that heavy.

Am about to make nabii a very rich man and ensure the total downfall of kenya. Since he doesn’t really care about the country, he should print money and keep it for himself. He should print so much that it remains significant even after inflation. That way he screws everybody he has always wanted to screw and ensures he remains the kingpin.

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Uganda and Tanzania loading…
Zimbabwe also had hyperinflation.
Bread prices used to change on an hourly basis.

I hope you are just trolling…

:D:D:D loaf inatoka 50K, unaenda shopping ya mwezi na 10 million unarudishiwa change ya 900K.

Naona point yako ni mufti, lets reason kiasi…

Holding other factors constant, kama tuko na deni ya 1 trillion ya mchinku, nabii decides to print the 1 trillion and deposits the cash in a Chinese bank account without interfering with the amount of money in circulation in Kenya si anaweza okoa nchi…:smiley:

Note the underlined words.

Cc. @Jimit

Now , when nabii is going to pay the Chinese government the 1 trillion, they will not accept kes. Nabii has to buy yuan or the green buck. This automatically puts the printed money into circulation

Nabii is not a stranger to this, hes very familiar with economics of printing money…together with Sam nyamweya, the late Ken ouko, jirongo and others walifanya hii biashara early 90s…and it made him filthy rich…why not go back to what worked for him before

Deni ilichukuliwa in dollars, not in Ksh. Iyo Ksh mtapeleka uko ni opuss tupuuu

Now I get it, so the only option we have is to engage in trade to obtain the dollars and pay the debt. Na hio trade involves exportation of goods and services. OP sioni ikiwezekana.