Explain to me like a 2-yr old

[li]Herders invade private land, terrorizing and in some cases killing the owners.[/li][li]Gov’t send its machinery to clean the mess. Some animals (illegally in the ranches) are killed. Some warriors too.[/li][li]The government offers to pay the warriors who invaded private ranches and killed people.[/li][/ol]
Ouru anafikiri hii pesa ni ya mamake?

Huu ni upuzzy of the highest order in the name of hunting votes. Nliuliza ivo kwa group nkaambiwa mi ni Naswa mole like the gubernatorial candidate I am supporting.

Link ama wacha tu.


I think there is some law the president has broken.

Must never compromise security issues

Pesa imechorwo nani? Iiii?

Trust these politicians to do anything to ‘win’ but this time round, inakaa Jubilee inakwaruzwa

I think if he takes a tough action on these criminals he will win more hearts that trying to be nice to even those who don’t deserve being alive.

What do you think those people whose livelihood has been eviscerated will do to fend for themselves? Giving some sort of compensation is a good move for security purposes…

Really? That is rewarding thuggery. i am of the opinion that they should be jailed, not compensated.

Some were genuine herders who got caught up in the mêlée, but you’re speaking from the comfort of your house so I can understand your ignorance. Mimi niko surrounded by them and I’m glad the government will compensate some guys for all our sakes. Oh and the buggers who were attacking ranches were being incited by politicians lakini kdf sorted them out.

Anyway, muikari muti gitina niwe umenyaga kiria thambo iriaga (the one under a tree understands what ants eat). though it sounds like you are scared that they will attack you if not compensated. Am not sure what an innocent herder was doing in some private ranch. Why cant the government use this money set aside for compensation to enhance security? Surely, thugs cannot hold a govt ransom.

And those politicians who incited the acts, kwani they are untouchable? And we have a CEO of KE Inc?

What criteria will they use to compensate those herders as a prove that they once owned those animals?

yaa you win idiot of the day award nyani hii