Expiring National Identity Cards

There is a Foul smell of Graft and Ilegality around this issue of expiring new generation Identity Cards

  • Why do ID cards need to expire …???
  • Do Birth Certificates expire also … ???
  • Where was the Public participation in this matter BEFORE that stupid decision was made …???

I have a valid Kenyan ID Card with no expiry date on it …

Anyone challenging me about it or denying me any official services will meet me in a Court of Law
Shenzi Kabisa , all these Shareholder Hustler Conmen and their First Daughters … :rage: :fire:


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The old IDs from the 80s had no expiry but can’t be used. It only makes sense for IDs to expire just like passports. The biometric registry and info in each physical ID has to be changed every few years to prevent fraud and introduce new technology. Maybe in 5 years we will have your DNA blueprint and fingerprints, or eye biometrics so it will be easy to catch rapists. How else will the government have such info if they don’t capture it on renewal.

Public participation is not required in administrative functions. That’s a waste of time and resources.

Some of these acts are government functions that have nothing to do with Ruto.

Why should a birth certificate expire. Your birthday didn’t change. It’s a document to certify your date of birth. Does a log book expire? Or Title deed?

In all developed nations, all ID documents expire.


an id shouldnt expire. this will bring another headache wakati wa kurenew bringing in other problems. btw what happened to huduma number. niliona matiang’i akitishia watu and i wasnt moved and didnt bother either getting it.


The problem is people dont question what the govt is telling us. Why do we need those ID’s in the first place? Kenyans didnt ask for them. I have not seen a petition Kenyans asking for new ID’s. Plus when govt tells you is for your safety and security be very afraid. Those biometrics @Simiyu22 is talking about all lead to mass surveilance. Just check the videos on social credit score in China and know thats what our Lucifer’s assistant Zakayo is trying to implement after being the house nigger that he is getting instructions from his wazungu masters. I am not taking those ID’s. Hii excuse ya catching rapists etc thats the work of D Mainas they have been nabbing them without biometrics data.


What’s wrong with social surveillance?

In Japan, they take even toe prints for your ID. The identification process starts at birth. So that if a Somalian lands there, there’s no way he can claim he was born in Japan like they do in Kenya with papers typed in a back street in Wajir. And then when you ask him what primary school he attended in Garissa, there’s 10 students called Abdi Saney Ibrahim in the same class he claims as his name. And the guy can’t fill out any document in English or Swa yet he scored 400 in KCPE.

There’s Nigerian who pee’d in a pool in Okawa, Japan. Jamaa akashtakiwa. Was kicked out and had to find another hotel. On his way out of Okawa international, the customs officer wished him safe flight and reminded him next time to be careful when around pools, because they have to be drained in Japan if someone pee’s in there.

Citizens don’t have to ask for anything, just like they don’t have to ask for bank notes to be renewed. Hiyo si kazi yao.


Social surveillance ni prison just that you are not in prison. Kuna kitu watu wamesahau that is very important… privacy! Unataka kutembea govt cameras zikikuangalia where you are at all times? Get serious mkuu. Govt has no business intruding into my life or any ones life.

Kutabaki muishoe umechukua new ID tu
Kutatangazwa a date when all old expiry-date-less ID cards become invalid

That system is coming anyway. They already have face recognition cameras in malls. Simply AI will trace your movements from work to home and in between. Usifkiri windshield ya gari yako itakukinga.

Takataka za watu, Yani niliacha shughuli zangu nkaenda kusaka huduma namba.

Hakuna camera inaweza kuchukua clear image of an object behind a tinted window. Camera works on the principle of light. Tint absorbs much of the light distorting the image. That is why you have to come close to a tinted window to get a clear view.

If these clowns were smart ( which they are clearly not ) …
They would embrace the Technology, Security and convenience found in Smart Cards …

A well designed and programmed Smart Card can serve :-

  • Identification
    Everyone gets one unique number that follows you from Birth to Death.
  • Voting Card
  • Health and Social Services ( NHIF , Pension , National Insurance , National Savings platform and similar future pooled resources platforms).
  • Enterprise and Taxation.
  • Travel Card within EAC ( and Africa - EU have a similar arrangement in place )
    Immigration posts would just have the simple tasks of electronic face , fingers and card scanning - no more filling out useless forms …!!
  • Driving Permit ( the validity can be electronically endorsed so that it is only swiped for validity checks )

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But of course …
These Shareholder Wheelbarrow Hustler Conmen are impervious to any good idea …
Especially one which has no direct personal benefits to them …

Ngombe Kabisa …:rage:

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Windshield iko na tint kweli? And what about thermal imaging cameras now that don’t need light for facial recognition?

Yes. You are allowed to tint the windshield of a private car.

Thermal facial recognition cameras je?

Images from thermal camera do not have enough biometric-specific patterns to train AI. That is why thermal camera are only used for binary identification of whether an object is either emitting heat or not.

One google search shows various systems in development. Some already being utilized.

They are at the development stage because of the disadvantages associated with thermal images. The prediction accuracy of an AI depends on the quality of images used to train the AI. The richer the image, the higher the prediction performance. It is possible to employ infrared images AI, but it is computationally expensive to employ them on a large scale.

Good move . To avoid mbitika kukua na ID anakaa Ako class 6

5 years, 10 years you think hakutakua na hiyo technology? AI is still at infancy. 10 years ago DNA processing on a commercial basis was taking weeks. Now 2 days you will be told you are the father. At 1/50th cost. Also they can process DNA with blood elements they could not do before. It’s how murder cases from the 1970s are being solved.

Now you see the importance of ID renewal. Technology changes. Everybody is installing a camera nowadays in place of residence or business. Niliona jamaa waki execute a guy in town, police used cameras kutoka neighbor zao kuwatrack. Not even government cameras.

Even thermal imaging is being overly complicated. Nowadays they have license plate readers. Some tollways have radio frequency readers on cars. It’s coming to Kenya 2-3 years. So ata kama unajifunga uso na shuka, they can still track your movements all day. Cameras from individuals and businesses in a city make a network of surveillance readily available for authorities.

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