Experienced elders I need your advice.

On Thursday I went to pick my daughter from school for midterm break.

I found her walking with a boy from a neighbouring school just some 100m from her school gate.

She got excited the moment she noticed my car. I signalled her to come in, to my surprise she brought the boy along. She introduced the boy as Chris and requested we give him a lift since he reside around our neighborhood.

My drive back was awkward, I didn’t utter a word.my eyes popped at the rearview mirror whenever those two kids chuckle at the back sit. I thought to myself if the boy tried anything chicky anakula ngumi.

Later in the evening she told me Chris helped her with revision papers since he is in a prominent school.

I shared the incident with my wife. She told me she had also found some very nasty chats in my daughter’s phone with the so called Chris when she was reporting to school.

Wadau it has been a very tense moment, I don’t know how to initiate the much ignored conversation. My daughter is only 15yrs, I can’t fathom anything happening to her.

My wife suggested we put her on fp but that will enable them to further continue doing those stupid things.

Jana nliteremsha tot mbili ya black label alafu nikamsomea riot act.
Experienced elders I need your guidance.

can you take away that phone from your kid, hii tabia ya kupeana a phone to a 15years girl and supervision isnt up to date, you never know what happens until uchunuguze and time might be too late.

Or-watch out bro, that little kid chris might either be sent by an elder to do dirty nasty chats.

Or find out chris parents & face them with facts of the phone, maybe they even dont know that their son is doing nasty chats.

either anyway, protect your child at any cost.

Jana nliteremsha tot mbili ya black label alafu nikamsomea riot act.

You fucked up… this will blow up in your face.

Jana nliteremsha tot mbili ya black label alafu nikamsomea riot act.- kwani you have to be that high or not to stragithen things with her. just be yourself without intoxication, ngarisha njicho umuonyeshe hutaki upuss.

hio tot will lead to a worser thing, God Forbid.

Seems you are not prepared to take your place as the disciplinarian family head. Mama pia anaonekana pia ni boflo. Bringing up children today is really demanding and not for the faint hearted. Those messages that your wife saw were enough reason to confront the two kids and mete out punishment and serious tough love. But pamper them and call us again when the lass is paged or HIV+ ! Do what is right.

Mama pia anaonekana pia ni boflo :D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Let your wife handle this matter, hio tabiya ya kunywa tots mbili ndio usome mtoto wako wa kike riot act haileti shangwe

Kipii yangu iko almost one…enyewe Baba atuonee huruma

It means your daughter is growing up in a healthy way with male and female friends. Give her space. Wachana na yeye.

How? Explain please

No, lazma Ni stamp authority. Staki upusss

Hapana bana

Hio chuckling means your too late.
Kubali tu msichana amegrow…then you and wife need to sit the girl down and talk to her like a young girl…sio hasira na makasiriko.
Ukimnyanganya simu sasa ndio worse…hamtaweza ku spy on her.
Install spy apps zile mnasemanga hapa and conduct covert surveilance.

Mtoi dem atakatiwa upende usipende.
There is nothing you can do about it.

As long as you keep tabs on your daughters wherebouts during the holiday, she will turn out okay.

Ironically, if your daughter doesn’t get to go through that teenager stage of talking to different boys, she could have anti-social tendencies in future or become a rebel.

Chunga asikuwe lesbian. At least she introduced you to that boy.

But if you continue ranting after drinking shots, she will keep secrets from you and you will never know what is going on in her life until it’s too late.

Bro, … if she has the nerve to introduce him to you she is already smitten and the more you try to interfere the more you will push her close to him… this script is all too familiar. Use tact to make her see sense otherwise you are working against raging hormones. Mimi I have an 9 yr old and I am not looking forward to this stage of life.

Bringing up a child is not an easy task. You are going to make mistakes but you learn. And they also learn.

Wewe hujui kitu unasema.

Mgtow = freedom. We now have parents who can’t even muster the courage talk to their kids when sober.
Wapi @Karoga and @Mimi Huwa Namwaga Ndanii

[SIZE=5]Did you ever read the bible? Specifically story ya Adam & Eve?[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]The moment you discourage or prevent a human being from doing something is the moment he/she will be compelled to do it.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]I suggest you let the kid be. Don’t be shy, explain that unprotected intercourse will lead to pregnancy and/or STDs.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]Tafuta ile video ya Raphael Tuju showcasing the dangers of unprotected secks you watch it together.[/SIZE]

A boy that is sending unbecoming messages?? She already does not see anything wrong with the messages. Then she gets comfortable to push it past messaging. Not sure any parent wants that route for their children. Even hard drug issues begin with comfort, belonging freebies then once hooked premium tears.