Experience with a single mom

So the camel ate the straw and the cum we stay broke. Sande kunichanua. Kuna singo matha anataka kuja kuishi kwangu december. Sigwes after reading your moan

Hujamaliza hekaya. Did you kill the boy and lived happily ever after ama kuliendaje?

Singomathas I can’t complain about them, they ensure I suffer no blueballs, very grateful to the singomathas.

Marrying a kunguru with a son/sons is not easy. Wasichana hawananga shida sana.

Wako ako na msichana ??

huyu mjamaa amalize hekaya


:D:D ako na??

Hajazaa bado.

:D:D:D:Dthats some crazy way to express bana:D:D:D:D

Zalisha yeye basi.

“The straw that broke the camel’s back was when she and her mother insisted that i kick-start dowry arrangements” good, ok after the camels back was broken, did u rescue the camel? did u let him die, did u put him off his misery, …??? am waiting, na sibanduki hii design,[ATTACH=full]204945[/ATTACH]mpaka umalise hekaya

:Dthis must be the reason why guys are jumping out of the 17th floor in buildings

@byro are you keeping notes?

The teeth…lots of teeth :D:D

That’s one segment on the market that remains greatly unexploited ! Watu hawajui venye wanakimbilia jail baits (na venye wamefunga shule) wewe unapiga tu simu anakumbia “ngoja Jay alale” hata hupiki supper anakuja na hot pot imejaa food unawakula wote chakula na yeye na kesho anarauka ndo apate mtoi hajaamka so hakuna drama ya walk of shame asubuhi

It became so bad in that house every single day something was being broken be it electrical appliances to utensils. If i dared to discipline the kid the mother would yell and defend the brat. Yaani the boy came between us, the mother always chose the kid over me. Her insecurity grew worse she would want to go with me everywhere, if i managed to avoid her and get into the house at night she would throw a fit even call my mom. One day i came into the house at 11pm and she was maniacal, i just went into the bedroom and locked myself and tried to sleep she nearly broke the door. The damn lady once bought pesticide and locked herself in the bathroom, she came out holding an empty bottle and smelling of it on her mouth i rushed her to the hospital only to admit to the doctor that she had only gargled and spit out.
My buddies were always trying to talk sense into me and they were all wondering how i had lost my cajones.
One saturday i woke with a nasty hangover and something in me just knew that i couldn’t live like that anymore, i was getting drunk almost every chance i got. I talked to my buddies and they looked for a house for me. The mom and the kid went to church on sunday but i told them i was needed at work. I looked for a pick up and went for my clothes, certificates, documents, my fridge and couch. I left the rest of the stuff in that house. On monday i pleaded with the Territorial Manager to grant me a 2 weeks leave and i fled home. The lady after finding out even came to my parents place, claiming she was pregnant, pleading. But i would have none of it. My old man is a no nonsense man and he drove the lady to her parents place the following day and they settled the issue. It was agreed that we would take a break from one another for a month. But the lady would call 50 times in aday, show up at my workplace but i changed my line and eventually got a transfer to Malindi. And thats how i avoided Grace Kamande, single mother numero uno and a real psychotic pain in the ass.

niaje brownskin naona umerudi…

:D:Dyaani mpaka umeweke majina mbili !!!

Ayayaya shait! Pole man