Expect Snake farming businesses after wajackhol expose- Kenya love get rich quick businesses.

Kenyans love these kind of things. But it may turn into another pyramid scheme.


Everything this man is talking about in his plans is devilish; getting the entire national population high with marijuana and keeping, growing serpents in the villages something associated with devils. Is this man normal or we are dealing with hallucinating delirium man? It’s highly likely that this man is high on drugs 24/7, the marijuana he’s trying to promote: making him to live in an alternative world.

As a person, he is a much much better human being then you, a paid online propagandists.

That’s better

And wakina Ruto, Raila and the likes are saints? Atleast ganjaman didn’t grab land, steal public money etc. Ganjaman isn’t a hypocrite like wakina Ruto who call themselves “God fearing” christians.

Ganjaman has held a public office before?

Maybe as a common civil servant. Never heard of him being a big shot.


If we took corruption seriously none of this coalition members would be alive…wajakoya for president[ATTACH=full]443842[/ATTACH]

Hii imeongezwa chumvi. He’s still alive.

I wouldn’t mind his alternative world, less paper work than insuring livestock