Expats wanasema Kanairo iko chonjo kabisa

Na mbona my colleagues from Ghana can’t sustain a stable connection,2 minutes into a call he starts breaking then vamoozes.
Just now imepotea kama.hatujamaliza approval ya a certain cloud.project.
Sass itabidi we organize another meeting

Was warned me not to drive to that Joburg place.They would immobilize my car whenever they saw me go to a danger prone area.They would then call and ask me to take the next turn.
I visited Joburg nikiwa kwa kibasii kia gorofa and had to alert the risk team…ata mimi.ama an expat but do i say

in reality whoever has lived in any other africa city, Nairobi ranks the best ukiwa na pesa. even for kenyans, in Nairobi with money uko tops kabisaa. quality of life is tops. The main red thing about nairobi is traffic, this is where Kigali comes tops.

All other aspect of life, Nairobi is number one in Africa commuserate to the money spent on QUALITY (expat level) health/education/social life/tourism/business oppournity/transportation/security/ and even SPACE

Expats mostly wanakaa Karen ,Westy ama Runda so most mshahara yake iko bracket ya least 500k kuendelea…so hio ni view ya mru ako na pesa…yeah Nairobi ukiwa na pesa…maisha tamu hutapatana na jam since no need to wake up early and you have weekends off…but kwa peasants its a diff story acha mimi nikae kwa bungalow yangu in the suburbs in peace.


very true you remember amb. Reinbugger some like Michael Joseph start masquerading as Kenyans you might even find them in cabinet one day

We need a Kenya built by Kenyans…Americans can suck my black deek.

Hii blog ime andikwa na dynasty

Facts only

I think in any major city , if you have money then you will live comfortably , what’s you point?

Was it a zulu or a coloured?

Ghana, Ivory Coast and many west African countries are a little overrated. Life is expensive in Ghana and the people are cold. Nija is seriously overcrowded like Githurai on steroids, loud and expensive. Ivory Coast people behave like you come from another planet if you cannot speak French. Kenya might have its issues, lakini the place is poa for anybody making 100k nett and owns their home. Seth Africa (especially Joburg) is like living in a 5 start hotel room full of ants ans scorpions

zulu boys…they were 4 of them…on a busy street in broad daylight…coloureds hao nilikabiliana nao capetown

Nairobi is heaven or hell depending on your income. Its like two different worlds. Halafu don’t forget expats get their dicks sucked every weekend by all the top cream biachez. When a Kenyan biach gets hit on by an expat especially if he is white, the rejection rate is almost non-existent.

Don’t forget that you get special treatment everywhere. Every bonobo is out to impress you. Your ego gets massaged 24/7/365 by being reminded that you are “special”. Why would you trade living in a mansion with a swimming pool and large compound, domestic workers, education for your kids etc, for a 2 bedroom apartment in London and dark winters?? The expats know that they get a much higher quality of life here, than they would get back home with the same amount of money.

No. Ingekuwa kama Congo or Angola

Ghana is nowhere near Kenya especially in terms of quality of living for upper middle and high class segments. That’s why there are more West Africans in Kenya/East Africa than vice versa.

As of last year, Ghana has a higher hdi than kenya so no

hapo sawa, Uhuru amepiga waks.

but on the other hand naona hii kupumbazwa ni kina Obama wana lay grounds ya ku convince powers that be wa legalize homosexuals kina @Thirimaii . lets be vigilant of this accolades

The difference in both countries HDI is negligible (0.601 and 0.611). As you move up the income ladder, your lifestyle will be better in Kenya than in Ghana.

Hata Collymore married a Kenyan wife and had dual citizenship if I am not wrong. Right now he would be retired and most likely be living in Kenya.

Usikanitusi tena…nitakutaja na mashida zitakuanzia hapo