Expat returning home after 20 years

Manufacturing: either B to B or B to C.
With Africa’s population growing at an alarming rate, one this clear: They will consume and consume a lot. That’s why FMCG manufacturers are laughing all the way to the bank( Bidco, Kevian, Kapa, movit, etc). That’s B to C.
B to B are the manufacturers who supply Packaging materials, essential ingredients and other necessities of production to the FMCG manufacturers. The more the FMCG grow in sales the more they buy from them.

Flats is a no no because the revenue is fixed for the lease period and it’s unlikely to grow exponentially like FMCG sales.
My two cents.

but he has a degree from ivy league university.

Stanford is not Ivy League

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Ivy league sio kitu unafikiria. MIT, the best school in the world, is not Ivy league.

Wazito hutoka MIT. they can do anything.

kama ako poa IT, he can self employ, needs to lie low and survey. IT ina kazi huku with that experience.

Of immediate concern for him when he arrives is to get an income which will enable him to conserve his 200000 savings. He should not jump head first into business. With his kind of experience, he should be able to get a job easily. This will enable him to get in tune with the kenyan business environment and with time it will not be difficult for him to identify gaps that he can fill. Living in the west for 20 years must have completely disoriented his perception of local realities and he must tread carefully to avoid the many pitfalls that await him.

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If that’s money he has saved outside of his retirement account then he’s done pretty good. Or even stock options. For someone working in such companies it would be stupid not to take advantage.

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