Expat returning home after 20 years

My friend has a degree from Stanford (Computer Engineering) and has been working for tech companies (Google, Facebook & Netflix) for the last 15 years. He is looking to come back home. He has $200,000 available to him and a house in Boston he will be putting on rent (another $3000 a month income). He is looking for ideas of things to do here. He wants to run his own business and does not want to work for anyone. He is bored of tech and wants something else. Any ideas?

Some bastards are lucky. Yani the skunk has 20mirion na hana idea what he wants to do with it. Mwambie aweke fixed deposit akulage inte’nest

Now that we have established that your friend is actually you. …;
I have a few questions for you.

Do you own your own home in Kenya?
What other skills do you have?
What is your passion as applicable to a money making opportunity in kenya!?

Akuje a-program server ya IEBC. :D. Sisi tutajuaje kitu anataka? tutamwambia bloti maguta maguta ndio singh achukue kwa lazma baadaye ama hizo bus za macarton mbili ndio zikauwe watu huko rift valley.

he has been working for netflix , google, FB for 15 years with a degree from stanford and he only has 200,000 dollars , i thought thats money he must be earning in a month


anko , mbona unakubali Gilobeis iharibu brain-quadro kodishen?

Does he have an idea of what he wants to do?

Mortgage ya nyumba huko Boston bado unalipa?

Enyewe 200k in savings is a little for a 20 year old veteran.

His house in Boston can help him survive in Nrb if he has no mortgage. If he has wife and kids anakula shida. Nairobi life is expensive.

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15 years google na kina netflix na ako na 200k usd. Huyu ni mtu hajui kusave. So ata tukimpea ideas haezi fuata. Heri tu aingie SJ itaisha within a few months. Average salo fror such tech comapnies ni 100k usd per year.

maybe. life is expensive there and he owns a home meaning he has dealt with mortgages and such. if he was making $8000 a month it isnt much and I dont believe $8000 is a starting salary but something Earned over time. Again saving doesnt make a lot of money. If he was putting away ksh 100,000 every month it would take him about 18-20 years to make ksh 20 million

Aweke campsite kama wazungu waliokataa kurudi ulaya

$200k savings is quite an achievement. Exemplary I must say. Only thing I would tell him is not do any business immediately he arrives. Take a break of 6 months to a year while he surveys the situation. If possible, get a job that he will quit anyway. He may luck at the UN or a foreign company stationed in Kenya.

kwa io Float uko nayo toa miscellaneous… unajua lasma tukikuita kiongos/Mkubwa unatoa kakitu…ama unanunua kadrink ukituambia hekaya za pale Trumpstan. Alafu pia maslay quin have to show around …new “friends” pia waongeze hapo. kaa USA mara moja tu.

In as much as your friend is bored of tech, that might just be the easiest avenue for him to sustain his lifestyle in Kenya. Mwambie aanze consultancy for big organizations such as banks, govt bodies, global companies present here in Kenya. Once he is fully settled he can quit, buy a mburoti in Kamakis and spend his days downing Tuskers and eating nyama shoma

sometimes uwesmakei hunishangaza, sometimes

To be fair he only said that he’s been working for tech companies and did not mention specific job… Maybe he was a security guard…??

That money is little and can varnish on a blink. Best thing when you come, lay low, don’t go live in expensive apartments, keeping up with your previous lifestyle.
Go into manufacturing, open a restaurant or better yet farming or utilize your skills after assessing the Kenyan atmosphere.
For your own sake, make sure your monthly expenses are on the low low otherwise…